Ash Legion Runner

By BaldGut on March 20th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
12 4
2 0
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"After all trainings, even when you're the best when it comes to stealth, there is still no room for stupidity such as wearing light coat with grandma's scarf during important mission. And yet there is no point in sneakery with full platearmor. You have to adapt. You've got a message to deliver, sometimes an army on your tail, no shadows to help. There's only you, your dagger, six shots in the fight, maybe a crowbar if you lucky and a weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Sooooo from now on if i'll see such fancy crap like long coats or pink underpants in this squad, you'll not gonna love it. You're The Runners, so be worthy of this honor!" - Drukard Duncan, best of the best, still running sober.

Soooo yeah, still lazy with uploads. I created this look on a second day after "Rising Flames", that's how lazy i am =D.
I still trying to make a heavy armor from medium, medium from light and something good a realistic with heavy. Not like it's hard, i just want to make it interesting, fun, unique. Yeah, i know, abyss-abyss-abyss-abyss-abyss, but he's a thief from ash legion and vigil warmaster soooo it's only know...

Welp yeah, hope you'll like it.

P.S.-no idea why there is no Tenebrous Pistol and Practical Scribe's Backpack. oh well


This is gold-worthy already - heavy-looking medium armor, I'll take it! - but I'd suggest using Charred and/or Cinders for some parts of his armor to increase dye variety. Really, those two just look amazing.
2017-03-20 22:42

The first thing that i tried was a charred/cinders mix. Believe me, i really love those two dyes but i don't like overcomplicated feel of the colours. I wanted this one to be simple, even if i had to use like 2-3 dyes.
2017-03-21 4:07 in reply to KestrelGirl

Lovely screenshots, and the mix of armor, i'd use it. ^^
2017-03-21 8:50

Nice look
2017-03-21 9:07

Very original Charr look! *,*
I love the natural colours you chose!
Great presentation on top, Gold Gold Gold :D
2017-03-21 11:54

Simple, original, and natural looking. Gold from me.
2017-03-21 17:33

Elessar Taralom
A really great Charr look!
Love how sleek he is and I am just a big fan of the headpiece in general, looks super cool
Dye job is simple, but well balanced and you used just the right hues to make it stand out!
Nothing to complain about with the presentation, awesome screens and a fun description!
Definitely a solid gold from me ^^
2017-03-22 5:19

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
U made me think u were a heavy user lol. Very unique job here on the armor mix. for that only u already have my gold :P The dyes, Simply Amazing dude. Screenshots are very sharp and great timing/positioning. I like this one very very much. gold!
2017-03-22 12:11