The return of Krytan Butcher

By Zefirez on March 18th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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first time i entered him here (albeit not having access to gw2 at that time, so armor info was delayed) -

Character story:

Krytan Butcher - a zeleaous anti-charr fanatic who just did not fit into new reality forged by human-charr treaty. A hero to many, a barbarian to some, his fate was sealed the day he disagreed with queen's permission to allow the charr entry into Divinity's Reach.

"Disagreed" by leaving a dozen of charr corpses on the streets of human capitol, the first day these infernal catcows set their smelly clawed feet inside his city.

Soon found and tried by the Seraph he was sententenced to life in their Dungeon. Giving him to the Charr could cause rebllion in Ebonhawke. And as convinient as branding him a sep and plain hanging might be, it would not work as unlike seps he was known for his iron "never kill a human" policy, which was the main reason seps could be hang without general public rebelling.

However, an Elder Dragon can change even the most stubborn of minds - after huge losses to Zhaitan and Mordremoth's crashing of pact's forces the Queen could no longer afford to be picky. Politically correct or not, Butcher's "talents" were needed on the frontline under the direct supervision of Logan Thackary and pact commander to ensure his unpararelled combat prowess is demonstrated to dragon and his minions and not recently acquired charr allies...

"If it bleeds i can kill it. If it doesn't bleed, that's just what it thinks!"
The idea behind the look:

Ever since laying eyes on necros i loved their theme. Green/black (my fav colors), deathly (metalhead irl so hell yeah!), and not afraid to slaughter foes in up close and personal combat! However in practice being a cc ragdoll, inferior damage, and generally "wtf you playing son" class left it's scars.

The moment i heard of HoT and Reaper i started devising a plan for my awesome new necro - a jungle themed, buff, uncompromising reaper that wields a huge, badass sword and butchers them face to face in a way that makes warriors drool! No Minions, no pussy staff, no anorexia, just pure badass with a sword that takes the charge in offense vs dragon and his minions!

Also i love jungle themed zones so this couldn't hit the spot for me any better if it tried! I decided to go full jungle, ditch the black/shady look for shaman/witchdoctor theme, albeit this witchdoctor spots 6"3 feet of badassery and uses decapitations for his patients'


The gear:
Demon masque - let's be honest - most human faces look like some victim slideshow. This puts badass in the otherwise too mellow human face.

Deathly avian pauldrons - they are the start of the story..sorta. Guildie of mine (2 man guild, yo!) had a charr main with deathly pauldrons. A charr wearing HUMAN skulls as shoulderpads! That could not be forgiven. I needed a skull-shouldered human to stand against that infernal catcow! And thus Butcher's anti-charr story was started, and deathly series pauldrons decided. In process of "try-it-on" at warderobe I decided only avian ones look really cool and got them.
Their seller got my kidney in exchange..

Sorceror's coat - as mentioned in my first entry - ditch the festive colors and you get a really badass looking chestpiece that keeps the arms revealed, for more barbaric look.

Dry bones gloves, shoes and leggings - gloves need not longer commnets - they look just perfect for his feel. Shoes while bit....too invisible in this look get their spot for perfectly blending with the tribal feel and glove's pattern.

Last time the pants were inquest breeches. That worked except the dreaded gray flap at bottom that we aren't allowed to recolor no matter what.
Dry bones leggnins sold me on keeping the witch doctor theme going far better, and no odd non-dyable stuff on them. Save bones, but these are naturallly to be white/light gray and fit the theme.

Shadow of Grenth - this is a completely new piece compared to previous look and for me it's just wicked! It fits so well and gives off that "eyes on the back" feel to send the chills down enemy spines!

Twilight - this is hands down best greatsword for a necro imho along with shadow greatsword. But shadow gs' handle makes an enourmous amount of visual clutter with shadow of grenth when stoved, also twilight allows for some great color plays if you angle the picture right. Love that part of it as well.

Godskull Croisier - my staff of choice for this look. Ex equo with shadow staff, but due to financial reasons (legendary crafting depleted my funds) i'm sticking with this for now.

Tribal axe - very very hard to find a matching axe for this look. In my book only shadow axe skin or this live up to the expectations. Since gold is short atm, same story as above.


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