Charred Berserker

By Azujax on March 18th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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2 1
3 0
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I just absolutely fell in love with how Charred looked on metal pieces, so this is what I finally settled on to showcase that.

This is what I've been running on my Warrior for quite some time. Used to have a bit of Norn Cultural stuff, but then I upgraded to ascended gear so had to make it species-neutral.

Bonus pics are how it changes on my other heavy characters (Male Sylvari, Male Charr) & when swapped to female in the makeover preview. Shot at lower settings, I'll get around to updating 'em eventually.


Seriously you need to up your graphics settings or go launch your gw2 on a better computer because the low settings are killing all your attempts at making your characters look good.

That aside theme-wise...i just dont feel it. I see ugly armor (default asceneded is legendary for it's uglieness) made to look like burned frying pan.

Bronze from me.
2017-03-19 7:40

Updated the main pic, hopefully that shows off my intent a little better. "Charred Frying Pan" is kinda what I had in mind though :D
2017-03-20 0:27 in reply to Zefirez