The Soundless

By Meera on March 12th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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1 3
2 0
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Meet Lyani!
Her and her Partner used to be Pale Reavers, risked their lives in the war against Zhaitan, and saw many of their companions die. Understandably, they were devastated and disappointed when the Pact began turning on Sylvari - leading them to eventually leave, and live for themselves, and no one else.

Lyani isn't 80 yet, so her look may change!


Someone here gave a silver and i agree. While not the most complex of looks your selection had me totally going that this is light armor. Also the colors of both your sylvari and it's armor blend well together for cohesive look.

I look forward to seeing what you'll do with it once you do hit 80 and decide to gear up for real.

Also next time more screanshots please!
2017-03-19 7:46

Actually, this is Medium Armor. Did I mess up in the look panel?
2017-03-19 12:35 in reply to Zefirez