Prince Charming

By Princess Cinderella on March 9th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Town Clothes
Color: Yellow
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Inspire by Disney Prince Charming.

This is my male character. I made him as close as possible to Disney Prince Charming. I am very proud of him. I included a pic of the prince from the movie so you can compare how close I got it.


The outfit seems to be spot on for the cosplay you wanted to make.
Colours are also very fitting.
I like the location you chose for this, but different locations make for a more interesting presentation. Also you could improve your camera-work a bit. Especially some close-up pics would be great. Try interacting with some npcs like you tried in that one picture.
2017-03-10 9:48

Princess Cinderella
TY Hylek for your comment and tips. :)
2017-03-23 2:57

Ariel Charming
2018-08-02 18:19