Glint's Mesmer

By Pathie on March 6th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Hey there ^^ I changed my mesmer up today and I'm actually pretty proud of the way she turned out \o/

My main aim was to make something that matched the Glint's Bastion (for some reason I can't actually specify it..) because its one of my favourite weapons in the game but I didn't actually use it for any of my characters D: I combined this with Jormag's Breath to go for a more icy blue look.

For her overall armour mix I wanted her to look magical and the blue from the zodiac matched pretty well to the sword, so I used quite a few pieces from that set.

I used fractal backpiece and tied this in with a dark blue dye on the trim of the armour to add an extra colour and more detail to the mix, otherwise it was too much pastel and looked a bit pale.

I also took screens in more of a variety of locations for once xD I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Thanks for reading, any feedback is appreciated ^^


Elessar Taralom
I love this Glint concept!
The armour looks mystical and more like heavy armour to me
Overall I am in love with the very soft dye palette, it is spot on for a Glint look! The blues of the Zodiac armour play very well into the dye scheme as well ^^
Looking at your login screen picture in particular though I feel that you should put the Prosperity on a more prominent dye slot, the top is very light compared to the rest of the armour
Other than that I canĀ“t find anything to complain about, your presentation is really well done and the weapons are carefully chosen as well
Gold ^^
2017-03-06 17:08

Fashion Guru
She is very lovely, and beautiful screens. I do concur that the placement of dyes for the top need to be reworked. Gold from me.
2017-03-07 0:48

Very nice use of a classical armor combo! I will say the chest is too white though, needs to be a bit more pink or blue like the rest of the armor. Amazing screens to show off the armor! Spice up the dyes on a chest a bit and it'll be even more amazing =D
2017-03-08 0:51

Fashion Guru
I really like this. Everything worked around Glint's bastion pulls your look together and I also think the theme and dye choices work well with the Mesmer effects. Gold.
2017-03-08 7:41

Fashion Guru
Despite the fact i don't relate this directly to glint I think this is quite a look for a mesmer, and your header screenshot totally got me, her look is so intense!
The pastel colours give your character a very beautiful and fragile look while the armour totally goes against that and shows a more heavy facet to this character!
I love the wave that is created between the shoulderplates silhouette and the chest Necklace, it assures your look a very dynamic and fluid appearance!
Personally i would have used some darker shade of light blue on the top so it would have more contrast, but other than that you have a consistent gold here!
2017-03-08 11:34

Fashion Guru
What a pretty Frosty effect! The hair color appears a tad too prominent for my liking. That said, I like the concept and your execution is flawless. Gold from me.
2017-03-17 13:24