Caladbolg's Origin

By jesandsteven on March 6th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Hi all o/ So this is my concept for the new weapon set. I of course had to capitalize of the butterfly effects and use to leggins to represent that. I'm actually surprised I'm the first one to upload this particular concept :p I really wanted to bring in the light green hues, the blues and not forget the red hues as well, while maintaining a very leafy appearance. None of the cultural tops would dye properly to fit my color scheme or covered the gloves that were the other base choice for the look. I like that the berry bits could mirror the pommel of the GS. The shoulders were chosen over other options for an additional butterfly type effect and I liked the way I could incorporate more of the red dyes. For the head I wanted something that would not interfere with the hair choice. I settled for the incarnate as I could mirror the blue bits of the GS once again and I liked how the red coloring made her eye color stand out more. Boots were used to mirror the gloves and none of the other cultural choices are as leafy in appearance.
Bonus that I got to add some of the cultural weapons into a look where they actually made sense. I hope that some of you may enjoy her :)

Weapons unable to add:
Caladbolg Origin
Caladbolg Solana


The colours in these pictures are unbelievably perfect with this look and i love everything about it this is 100% a gold from me.
2017-03-06 11:19

Aww this is soooo amazinggg!! The colors really make it so vivid and transport you into the image! get another gold from me as well :)
2017-03-06 11:26

I loooove this look, those colours are on point. The mix of armor is great, you make me like Sylvari's! Inspirational :D
2017-03-06 11:46

Very nicely done! Very different from the direction that other Caladbolg looks have taken. Gold =D
2017-03-06 12:35

Elessar Taralom
This is SO spot on dyewise, I love how you managed to balance out the two different greens perfectly!
Her hair is chosen extremely well, it emphasises her originality by a ton!
The armour is a nice mixture of skins, not full cultural, but it still feels very natural
Nothing to add to your gorgeous presentation!!!
Gold on all sliders
2017-03-06 15:09

very nice i can't fault anything about this nice work. Gold
2017-03-06 15:36

Beautiful caladbolg look!
I love the colourful screen-locations you chose, very fitting!!!
Also i love this hairstyle! Still sad that it doesnt glow :/
Gj on this, another Gold for your collection ;D
2017-03-07 10:35

Really beautiful look, the weapons are a part of the armor. Amazing, Gold :)
2017-03-08 8:30

Fashion Guru
This looks amazing, I wanted to see a look that really fits the Caladbolg weapons since they came out.

Locations for screenshots, and the screenshots themselves are incredibly well done!

Theonly thing that throws me off, andthat's probably just personal taste, is the turquoise/cyanide. For me it seems that the whole appearance fits together but then there is this one dye that just throws me off.

Other than that, gold from me.
2017-03-08 11:58

Wow, amazing look ! I rly like the locations, too.
Good work :]
2017-03-08 21:09

Fashion Guru
Thanks for all the great comments.
2017-03-08 23:58

Colorful and vibrant!!
2017-03-09 1:33

Very nice idea ^^
2018-06-29 11:13

Fashion Guru
oh the colors ... great :)
2018-11-03 17:13

Fashion Guru
Thanks again :)
2018-11-05 9:58 in reply to ieva