• Action • [Heavy edit]

By Sakigami San on March 4th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Orange
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Hi, this is Saki again!

Here is one of my 'heavy edit' wallpapers. I called it that cus normally we won't change the entire background on gw2style.
I hope it's ok to post this one here, I did post the actual screen below, + the stuff I used to create this on photoshop cs6.
I got inspired by the "Aviator Memory Box" and a wallpaper from a song on youtube:
Here is a link from my character + armor/dyes in 'neutral' screens =)

Ty, I hope you like it! =D


This looks super awesome!
Amazing work on this! To even get that pose to work with mustve been hard :D
You can choose to upload it as artwork instead of an individual look. Maybe you can even change it retrospective.
2017-03-04 8:59

Fashion Guru
I would suggest you upload it as artwork, since this isn't really about a style but about the picture itself, so I/we can't vote it correctly anyways.
2017-03-04 10:08

wow full marks for this. I love the style and color scheme of your wallpaper. Full Gold!
2017-03-04 20:00