Captain Valentina Corvatta

By frederickx on March 4th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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20 3
1 0
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Inquest Agent: Yes... What is it? You went to great lengths to establish a private communication network that not even your organization could infiltrate.

Doern: I came to you to get a status update on a missing Whispers agent.

Inquest Agent: Why the sudden interest in pulling your agents out of the rocks they are hiding under? Probably still tracking those money shipments you assigned them to.

Inquest Agent: The Pact is all but dissolved, the entire fleet has fallen to the Mordrem, and Almorra Soulkeeper is nothing but a ball of too-many-diplomatic-concerns to make any real impact on the post-Mordrem world. I need a body of agents to act quickly, the Whispers suffered heavily from the losses in Maguuma and no faction is willing to make restoration efforts. I've taken matters into my own hands, and that's why I'm here.

Inquest Agent: Very well. Who are you looking for?

Doern: A certain Valentina Corvatta. Mercenary, soldier of the coin. Was once a Whispers agent, or so I like to tell myself to justify my recruiting of her into the Order... Later defected into the Aetherblade ranks after receiving a mission to infiltrate them to requisition information, but joined them instead, or so we thought. Turned out her goal was to assassinate Mai Trin, a tall goal for a skilled con artist, likely tipped off by a third party. Mysteriously, the assassination fails, and Kiel gets her hands on Mai Trin. Next time Corvatta appears, she's off sabotaging advances into the Silverwastes with bombs going off all across Brisban, likely not her own prerogative either. She couldn't have done this alone, though.

Inquest Agent: You'd be right on that one, she's got a small cult following. From the intel I've gathered through the Inquest vaults at the Crucible the same set of faces appears every time one of her little plots breaks out of cover. Her movements are incomprehensible for the most part, she's good at covering her tracks. But not good enough. Her accomplices are not as prudent, they've got patterns sprinkled everywhere. I'll send word to you when I've deciphered some. That should give you an idea of where your little mercenary is headed next. May I ask what you plan to do once you've found this little cohort?

Doern: Do what everyone does with mercenaries. Pay them, and have them do the dirty work when no one else will. I think I have something that I can leverage to keep them under control, another rogue Whispers agent that may bear some significance to Corvatta.

Inquest Agent: You mean that little red cyborg rascal that has been ravaging my compound and laboratories? You've got yourself quite a mess here. I doubt you'll pull it off. But very well, you shall have your information very soon.

Doern: Thank you, as always.


Finished my Steam-punky outfit for my Druid =D Put a little of my own personal spin on a classical theme. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Amazing style!
Despite only using two colours this style really looks amazing :D
I love the steampunk-theme and your presentation is slayer-lvl!
The third screenshot in the 2nd row from the bottom looks super epic, her facial expression makes it a master-shot!
Also, the aetherized bow and the welding torch look super awesome in this!!!
Definitely Gold! :D
2017-03-04 9:05

Ty hylek :D
2017-03-04 12:02 in reply to Hylek

This is wonderful the shots are amazing and everything fits so well :) gold from me
2017-03-04 14:54

Fashion Guru
I absolutly love the idea of the chest and leg piece together and also the asc boots a rly nice work also I love how ur hair color and armor color is mixed together rly nice gold!! :>
2017-03-05 4:35

Fashion Guru
I am so digging this Sky Pirate look. Absolutely lovely! Keep em flowing like this, description on point, amor combo to fall for and those screens! I would just twit a bit the dye combo, but that's personal pickiness, won't make me give this look any less than a big fat Gold medal! cheers*
2017-03-05 15:25

Fashion Guru
What they said! Plus I love the hair color and that you incorporated it so well. Gold.
2017-03-06 11:17

Fashion Collector
Ooh this is awesome! She looks like she's a riot, I love it.
2017-08-30 16:24

2017-12-04 0:56

baba yaga
i'm not a fan of colorful hair, but that looks very good for once!
2019-02-21 20:38