• Heart of Courage •

By AraeX on March 2nd, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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''The only journey is the one within''


This look was based on the idea of willpower and courage that we need to have. Sometimes we just need to sit and find our inner selves before setting off to a new adventure.

I got great inspiration to do this while listening to three specific songs by Two Steps from Hell , Heart of Courage, Protectors of the Earth and Victory. Here's my character in full guardian mode. Pictures have been taken in various places, in them I tried to give/express emphasis on choices, courage, judgement and inner strength.

P.S.: I wasn't quite sure for the chest piece but it was one of the few that I liked without it being so so overused - imo anyway. My other alternative was the Scallywag Chest but the details to it didn't seem to blend in well, around the neck and plus the fishnet with the rest of the look, so this piece gave a more solid combination -- feedback appreciated!


Elessar Taralom
A little unoriginal when it comes to armour and dyes, but the great presentation at least validates a solid silver for me!
2017-03-03 5:17

Fashion Guru
I like the colortheme I have a similar on my condiwar (https://gw2style.com/look.php?id=13113) I extra uploaded it coz they share chest and leg armor so dont be uncertain with ur choice! :) I do not like the aetherblade shoes however thats pretty subjective tho :D
I also love some of ur screenshots maybe I add some more to my upload I like the idea of the water ones :o
2017-03-03 5:17

Thats fine yeah you can add to your upload I don't mind haha -- about the shoes, honestly I just wanted that tall-thigh length size but there weren't many options, so I had to do with what I owned :P
2017-03-03 5:50 in reply to Becii

Yeah I will agree its a little unoriginal because theres similar ones out there, I didn't want to go for an entirely warrior-spikey-aggressive looking theme though either, but thanks for the input !!
2017-03-03 5:51 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Elessar Taralom
There is a lot inbetween those two spectrums, just browse the site a bit and you will see how creative one can get with all armour types ^^
It does pay off to boldly stray away from the meta from time to time
2017-03-03 5:55 in reply to AraeX

Yeah agreed to that, will just take my time and look up more looks haha
2017-03-03 5:56 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
It's really hard to make a comment in looks like that, cuz it's pretty much like Elessar said, the armor and dye mix is kinda unoriginal. But if u like the armor mix, maybe try to put some extra colors there? Like special color for the boots, different color for the metalic and leather parts?
2017-03-03 8:28

I think you are on a good way to becoming a great stylist here!
Id like to give you some tips regarding some critique-points i wouldve given this look:
First of all, the armor-comb looks quite nice ... but using 2 pieces of the same set which are close to each other (boot-leg combo in your case) is a bit unoriginal, so you need to make up for it with other exciting additions or a crazy colour-concept. You kept the style quite simple and it looks great, but thats why people find it lacking in originality. Also because the leg-piece is quite overused and meta-style :P

Its always nice to have more than two colours! Your dye-scheme looks good and stylish, but due to it consisting only of two colours it looks a bit unexciting. You couldve added a white dye to match your hairstyle. The belt of the legpiece wouldve been good for adding that e.g.
Generally the little ornaments are good for adding a third colour.

Rare weapons, backpieces and LEGIS are nice to have, but you have to think twice about presenting it alongside your looks!
I would say Sunrise looks quite fitting here, at least colour-wise, but the Bifrost looks a bit out of place. Sometimes you need to get different weapons to make your style convincing. You dont need to to transmute your precious legi, just get a cheap weapon you can use for presentation ;D
Sometimes i even have second armor-sets for style-purposes.

Your screens are quite nice but there are mainly 3 things that i noticed:
1: all of them are at night-time. While this might not be a huge issue, personally i like seeing a look in different lighting. And imo at least some screens should provide a daytime view since it shows your armor much better.
2: some screens are zoomed out a bit far. This is especially true for your gliding screens here. You should make some test-flights and adjust the camera with the camera settings.
3: you often have the same pose. This is about your channeling pose with the staff. It is a cool pose, but seeing it 4 times in a row, even at the same location, makes it a bit boring ;)

I hope this was a bit helpful to you.
Overall its a nice upload and a solid Silver!
If youd like to discuss anything in a bigger term or just have some questions, feel free to mail/whisper me ingame. My account name is in my bio :)
2017-03-03 9:27

Aw thanks both for the feedback! Yeah I did realize the dyes were a bit the same and didn't have variation and the screens were nighttime as well as the weapons being the same. I'll keep it in mind for next time, I guess I just got too caught up with it :P

2017-03-03 18:32