Aspect of Deadly Nature

By IronPinecone on February 26th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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Nature will kill you. And then make things out of you.

If the Druid is the embodiment of nature as a living force, then the Ranger is nature's deadly force. The duality of nature is less separable than even two sides of a coin; it is one force fighting its own self for dominance; two arms of one being locked in a titanic struggle to wrestle itself to the ground. Nature is life and growth. Healing and survival. Nature endures through all things, be it hellstorms from other worlds, continental upheaval, and even elder dragons. But as nature lives, it also kills. If something is to survive, something else must not. Life is a constant struggle, one that no one thing can win forever.

Druids represent the will to live, to endure by any means, but Rangers represent the cost of that survival. The prey dies so that the predator may live. Death is the movement from behind. The arrow in your side. The jaws on your throat. The Ranger is the hunter, the survivor, the deadly aspect of nature.
This is my ranger Fangleif, in his normal adventuring outfit, with his pet Fern Hound, Fidosynthesis. I wanted something that would help him hide as a hunter, yet still look intimidating to face in the open. The Toxic Shoulderpads and Armguards break up his outline in the brush and trees, and are spiky and dangerous. The Heart of Koda reduces bulk compared to other medium 'trench coats', leaves his bow arm free to draw, and its red color is bright and dangerous. The Krytan Bandana's sharp points make it aggressive like the shoulders and gloves, and the daggers on the Whisper's Secret Boots are fitting for a hunter. Rox's Quiver is by far my favorite back piece in the game, and it's even better since it has spikes. The Greatbow of the Sunless's glowing green lines and black smoke look menacing and deadly (plus it was also my first piece of ascended equipment).

My greatsword is Caladbolg Orchida, but I can't select that to show.

The flip side of this set: The Aspect of Living Nature


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