Blood Legion Front Guard

By Knightsy on February 22nd, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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“Blood Legion Guardian. Having turned his comrades distrust of magic to confidence in its strength, he proudly holds the front line. Daring the foe to charge in into the might of the Blood Legion, he acts as the concrete, helping to hold together the impenetrable wall of the Legion.”

Hi All.

I've decided to stick with the realistic and practical theme, so I ended up straying from Blood Legion's usual spiky look in the process. Still, I think this set fits the guardian thematic of an heavily armoured supporter. With guardians, I find that the Gallant weapons fit the theme really nicely, and I've picked the WvW Hero's Shield to further contrast the weapons to red base of the armour.


Main: Blood
Secondary: Pitch (for black sections)
Tertiary: Mushroom (for under-armour)

Feel free to drop any suggestions for improvement.


Fashion Collector
This is pretty nice, man, the vigils greaves fit nicely with the primeval legs, and the phalanx bracers are always the best for a good heavy plate look. Dyes are nice and on point for Blood Legion, I'd like to see a nice helm on this, but I know those are hard to make work on charr, overall really cool.
2017-02-22 8:31

Gorgeous charr, love to see the mis-matched armor working so well together. Very well put together!
2017-03-03 2:08

Hey Ashwolf, cheers for comment.

I didn't really find one to my liking, but I think Vigil's helm fits quite well both in shape and theme (also doesn't clip much).
2017-03-17 7:27 in reply to Ashwolf

Thanks ZZ, glad you like it!
2017-03-17 7:27 in reply to ZZ94

Fashion Guru
Amazing work here! He look really respectful, I would say centurion in first view. Really fits Blood legion scheme and its warband on the screenshot. Gold
2018-04-22 8:52