Falcon Company Assassin

By Iluvaldur on February 13th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
10 8
2 0
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This character is a member of the Falcon Company. An old secret elite organisation of the krytan crown. They are accountable for many political attacks, like the assassination of the Khan-Ur. Only the Queen herself can give orders to the Falcon Company and just very few people know about their existance. There are always at last three falcons around the Queen, but they prefer staying in the shadows and attacking out of nowhere. While the Shining Blade is just there for representative purpuses, the Falcon Company is controlling the fate of Kryta.

The story idea came to me while playing the lost-sister human personal story line. It is about the elimination of the Falcon Company. I thought it could be the erasing of traces after a political assassination.
I wanted to create an outfit with the falconer chestpiece. The outfit should look quite stealthy with an aggressive touch using the Bladed Vambraces and the cultural shoulders, because the matched so well together.

Weapons: Aureate Dirk; Reclaimed Shortbow
Backpiece: Hawk Wings


I really like how the texture of the wings is repeated in the overlapping scales of the coat. Texture isn't something people always consider in their outfits.
2017-02-13 19:13

Fantastic combination of wings and armor! Your colors are incredibly fitting to it's theme.

work on your screenies next time, playing with the camera sliders do wonders and I would have loved to have seen a closer look.

other than that, gold from me~
2017-02-13 21:03

Love the action shots! The dye work is wonderful too, bringing out the feathers and matching the backpack perfectly. Gold =D
2017-02-13 21:07

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Falcoman. Amazing I like it :-)
2017-02-13 21:55

Amazing look (I have a weakness for this chestpiece, the shoulder and gauntlet combo is very clever, great dye work) ruined by the wings.

I realize you were going for a "falcon" vibe, but I'm of the opinion that the wing backpieces (and especially the bird wing ones) don't ever *not* look obnoxious and out of place. I'd also go for different boots. They don't really fit + as it is the entire bottom half of the look is from one set, which is a bit of a pet peeve.

Having said that, I don't have a choice but to give you Gold. This is still one of the best and classiest medium armor looks I've seen recently. Just please hide the wings :P
2017-02-14 7:55

Fashion Guru
I like everything about this look, including backpiece. Well done.
2017-02-14 9:27

Thank you for your nice comments and tipps!

I changed the boots from the Sneakthiefs to the Inquest ones and added some new Screenshots with and without the wings...
2017-02-14 12:07

Mr Muesley
i agree with everybody here. You repeated the color of the wings really nicely into the armor. Gold :D
2017-05-02 13:55