skull knight

By Natioon on February 10th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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2 5
1 1
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This is a design that I came up with, after a little while I was checking the wardrobe and after seeing the helmet I decided to look for an armor that would fit, the colors were just colors that I personally like, and the weapons I put on it According to the fact that his name comes from Ascalon


I very much like the use of this helmet. The weapons also fit well. The dyes are slightly odd to me though between the chest and legs. but overall still a gold =)
2017-02-11 7:32

Faceless Wanderer
The mix is a nice combo, you did very well with this. The dyes don't really fit, here It needs a little bit of improvement, maybe more brown and silver'ish. Especially the red on the shoulders seems to look a little bit out of place. With some change of colours, this will be a really cool combo. Silver for now :)
2017-02-11 17:11

Hi Im Jedey
the weapons is good ur helmet too but don t is a cool combo.
2017-02-12 17:55

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