Pretty in Pink

By shopaholic on January 30th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
18 4
3 0
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Here's my favourite character again with her favorite back piece. I kept this look floral and pink and tried to make the leg piece look as though it grew out of her skin. Sylvari can be so beautiful and the muted colors with vibrant splashes really suit them. Sadly the back piece isn't showing on the first sceen oops.

I've tried to make fierce Sylvaris but find it really difficult and keep going back to the pretty ones. This is similar armor to my Desert Flower post but I couldn't rest until I had done this one too :)


Faceless Wanderer
While the outfit is not so new, the colors of it and how it's matching with skin and hair is just perfect. She really looks like a flower. Again a great sylvari look from you, with beautiful, beautiful screenshots and a wonderful and fascinating main picture. Gold.
2017-01-30 5:54

She looks sooo beautiful!
The look itself is very simple, but also very well executed. What makes it look so good are your amazing screenshots. I love the locations and backgrounds you chose, they make the look shine.
I just think the dye of the "gloves" is a bit too vibrant and I would probably not use abyss for the shoes. I know it's in the skirt, but it looks too dark on the shoes. However, that's just me nit-picking :)
Take a gold!
2017-01-30 8:06

Elessar Taralom
Really nice mix of dyes, she looks both natural and colorful at the same time!
The armour mix might not be the most original one, but what Sylvari armour mix is anymore tbh?
You definitely delivered on all other aspects, your screens are amazingly beautiful!
Gold ^^
2017-01-30 9:52

Standard sylvari look, but beautifully executed!
I love especially the screen in the flower-field!
Though she looks like a flower herself wherever she goes :D
Simple and pretty, gj on that!

2017-01-30 10:03

Fashion Guru
She is absolutely gorgeous!
2017-01-30 10:32

Refia Montes
Great screens, dyes and places. She's so pretty. gold!
2017-01-30 11:14

Fashion Guru
Thank! All your comments lifted my spirits :)))))! I agree the shoes aren't quit right - I did not notice them until too late haha
2017-01-30 12:41

Fashion Guru
This is such a beautiful outfit!
I really love the classical cultural look on her and especially the dye job is so extraordinary that I can't stop looking at it.
You did such a great job with the different colors it's a very nature- like vibe I am getting! The matching skin tone rounds everything a bit more up and I love the backpiece you used here!
The screens are breath taking especially the title screen is pure perfection and beauty!

You did a really great job over here your presentation is awesome and you have a great eye for interesting and beautiful dye- mixes which are turning usual armor combos into something really interesting and new.
The only complaint I am having are the shoes but you figured it out yourself that maybe a different skin would fit in a bit better :)
But all in all it's a solid gold! :3
2017-02-01 19:37

Fashion Guru
This means a lot - thank you!
2017-02-01 21:44

Petite Pluie
Pretty sylvari :3
2017-09-04 17:10