Kyuubi N Kitsune

By Cardeal on January 19th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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Its my cond Druid. Need help with torch :P


If you're looking for something to match your axe, you might look into the Fused Torch (if you happen to have it) or the Primordus Torch. The Berserker's Torch might also work since the axe is kind of rocky. If you want to match your outfit, I'd suggest the Legionnaire Firebrand or the Wolfborn Torch. None of these skins (aside from the Wolfborn Torch) are particularly easy to aquire, but unfortunately there's just not a lot of variation with torches. My condi ranger uses the Terracotta Antique skins which are unlocked when you get ascended weapons with Viper's stats.
2017-01-20 9:13

I think the gargoyle torch would be a ncie pick aswell IMO to match the bats and your bow. a more expensive and not so easy one to get would be Rodgort's Flame...I think it'd work :)
2017-01-20 9:36