(A)symmetrically pastime

By FrejaOtilia on January 18th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Otilia was always a little weird as a child. She was always having more fun with her imaginable friends than with anything else, always chasing butterflies that no one else could see. It was not alarmingly weird, just a little. But at 7 years old, when traveling with her family ind round the area of Hoelbrek, she slipped on the ice playing with her older brother, and fell into a frozen lake. The kids had gone just a little to far away, and this lake was connected to a very corrupted mountain side near Frostgorge Sound. The ice-cold water below wasn’t innocent. The moment Otilia touched the water, every nerve in her, and every little line of energi was frozen. She was soon rescued by the older brother, but had ben in the water for a minute to long. Even though she became warm, her inside never really melted, and the corrupted ice had encapsulated the mesmerizing spirit deep inside her. She was unconscious for a long time and when she finally woke up she was very changed. the energi in her was constantly chilled, and every thought in her head was awfully slow. In many years she could’t do anything but sitting and walking very slow, looking like she could fall asleep any minut. Her insides though slowly came back to life, as she in time realized that the world around her was going remarkably faster than her. She was struggling with the feeling of wasting time, and the desperation of running out of it. One day, several years past, she just exploded. The energy loaded inside her broke free. She was suddenly in control of her herself, and she wa in control her own TIME.


I really like the chronomancer concept, so i tried to make this look fit with the sundial-shield, which I love! Also, I’ve used the shoulders too as i think they look good, and off cause matches the shield, but I have been on the lookout for some other shoulders, but every time I try something else, it’s like the entire combination fails. Overall I have come to like this look very much myself - even though it is kind of messy I think that the armor pieces fits well together, and the messiness gives her a sort of wicked and clowny vibe, that I like for!?

I have been experimenting a lot with the dyes, trying to ‘lighten her up’ a bit, but i always end up returning to these dark-blue shades(though the leg-piece have ben giving me a hard time here; very visible in some shots), it just suits her better i guess. I am very open for dye-suggestions though! open for all suggestions i generel!
?hope that some may like the look :)


The dyes are not exactly my taste, but the armor-comb is interesting and your presentation is absolutely great! :D
2017-01-18 16:31

Fashion Guru
I can see what you mean with the leggings, they don't seem to easily match, colorwise. I've two thoughts that might help you better blend them in:
- Change the secondary color of the boots (the laces/inner boot) a lighter blue/teal like the leggings.
- Replace the lighter blue/teal of the leggings with a green to match the chestpiece and shoulders.

While those changes look nice in my head, I can't guarantee they would in-game. Give 'em a try, maybe they'll work, maybe they won't. The armor combo is good, so I see no reason to alter that. Good job, all around!
2017-01-18 21:12

On second thought ... since you are bound to the orange-brownish hue of the boot-ornaments (which cant be dyed -.-) you could replace the mint breeze on the chest with a fitting bright orange thats fits the those parts of the boots.
That way you might get the dyes a little bit more cohesive?
And i actually like how the midnight ice turns into a teal hue on the legs, gives it some interesting touch :)
2017-01-18 22:13

Year those boots are surely annoying - In a period I actually dyed some of the metal parts in cobber-golden hues, which was fitting a little better, As I was also using the Tarir greatsword(which is actually also why I added the mint breeze, - so that color is up for evaluation anyway i believe). I didn't think the gold was so good with the dark colors, so i eventually started to ignore the orange-part of the boots, which of cause doesn't make it invisible... ^^'
What you suggest here though, I haven't tried, so I certainly shall.
Thanks a lot!
2017-01-19 7:10 in reply to Hylek

I totally see what you mean here, I'm gonna try it. thank you! :)
2017-01-19 7:14 in reply to Tetrama