Tiger Lily

By KestrelGirl on January 18th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Orange
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"I found darkness within myself, but it did not overcome me."

Caerridwen left the Grove because her discovery of her necromantic powers convinced her that she might fare better with the Nightmare Court. Fortunately, she decided not to join them, as her heart remains uncorrupted, and instead roams Tyria fighting its greatest enemies, unaffiliated with anyone or anything but the Dream.


Here comes another one! I'm on a screenshot spree. Too bad I only have one character left before I have to stop procrastinating on finishing a legendary (and start waiting for some gemstore stuff to come back)!

- Original colors, unoriginal armor combo. Except the shoulders. Those were a nice find; they clip very interestingly with the top’s vines. Also the boots, but they don't show so much.
- I’d have used the Orchid skirt, as it features a lily, but alas, it just doesn’t dye orange. Spots are the next best thing!
- Weapons were meant to be as organic as possible, so I didn't use the Ambrite set. The Warden weapons have traces of orange as well as some green that matches Cae’s hair and armor accents, so I opted for the dagger, staff, and axe. The blue would be clashy in an all-orange look, but I think it goes nicely with this - it sort of completes a rainbow.

Pics taken around Caledon Forest and Auric Basin. The cover and character select pics do not have MasterEffect; the rest do.

Full album, because I took a TON of pictures: https://imgur.com/a/XZrbx

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Miss Mojo
Wauw.. Name are adorable and fitting. the screenshots, backgrounds and all looks amazing :O :D Very nice job
2017-01-18 7:51

Fashion Guru
Another really good upload from you!
I really love the dye job a lot it's very colourful and beautiful. You payed attention to your Sylvari's hairstyle and skin tone which is really great.
Your screens are so well done, you improved so much every single screen looks stunning though I would have loved to see one or two pics at night time to get a closer look at her glowing :P
Your armour combo is indeed not the most original but it's hard to get something new with the Nightmare Court armour also I still love this set quite a lot. The shoulders are indeed unexpected but kinda fitting! I am not too fond of the boots to be honest they are feeling a little bit disconnected to me but other than that I like the combo and your presentation is so great that i deserves gold :3
2017-01-18 9:04

You took some gorgeous screens here!
The middle one in the second row from the bottom looks just amazing! Her pose is so epic! :o
The colour-scheme you chose is very pretty, a nice autumn palette.
You definitely knew how to make up for a standard armor-comb with good presentation!
Gold for that :D
2017-01-18 10:20

Thank you guys!!
The color of her glow is a teensy bit off, and also it's hard to get nice lighting at night, but I could try. Just gotta find a place.
2017-01-18 11:35

Superpretty colors! Amazing screenshots too
2017-01-18 12:41

Weapons are really off imo, colors are out of place :( Otherwise, solid look :D
2017-01-18 15:58

Yeah, it's hard to find a match to be honest, other than the Ambrite weapons which look too polished/don't fit the theme.
2017-01-18 18:17 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Guru
I know that it's an unoriginal armor but for me that's the only thing that can fit the sylvari concept I like how they are their own armor with the cultural so I don't care it's unoriginal.
The dyes are reallly good so it's a gold from me
2017-01-20 11:47