Bloodstone Fen's Secret

By Bogya on January 17th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
3 5
3 0
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Deep in the jungle, the bloodstone gathered it's power through hundreds of years, now that it blew up, Medolan, the sylvari explorer was caught up in it, gone mad, thirsty for the blood of those who seek the power of the bloodstone.


The overall appearence of your sylvari is great!
However, some pieces from other armor-sets wouldve been nice ... just to break the one-set look.
Your screens are very cool too! Wish there were some more tho :P
2017-01-17 8:21

Fashion Guru
I really like how's the hair fit the armor, the spikes mainly. The colours are really nice, and the screens looks amazing :). It may be not a very original look but it looks really good in overall.
2017-01-17 12:01

Fashion Guru
I didn't know the armor would fit that good in a sylvari. Nice job
2017-01-20 11:56