Medeia, Artful Dodger

By KestrelGirl on January 15th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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15 4
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She's beauty, she's grace, she'll stab you in the face. No long backstory this time, but I finally gave my dagger-happy kitty a wardrobe update!

-I wanted to keep her blade-heavy, while making her mesh more with her new, more charr-appropriate weapons. She's a little less "soldier gone rogue" and more "Ash Legion operative."
- She still loves poisoning people. I decided to focus on that less this time around because it didn’t make for good screens.
- Daredevil staff is crazy fun to use and photograph. Why did I not try it before? Idk, maybe because Medeia uses a condi build... :P
- The Legionnaire weapon skins are really and truly underrated. Especially the bows.

Pics taken around Ascalon, mainly in the Black Citadel and Plains of Ashford. The cover and character select pics do not have MasterEffect.
Full album:

EDIT 1/25/17: added some more action shots, showcasing Physical skills. Two are here, the rest are on Imgur.

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Elessar Taralom
Definitely such an improvement compared to your last outfit of hers!
The dyes look nice and subtle and definitely fit for such a stealthy character
She feels a lot like a thief armourwise and you are right, this weaponset IS underrated and looks really Charr-like
Your screens really improved so much, your presentation is really getting better and better by the upload ^^
Have a gold!
2017-01-15 6:32

Fashion Guru
Such a great upload and one of my absolute favourite looks of you!
I love the armor combo especially the chestpiece is one of my absolute favourites and in combination with those natural earth toned dyes your Charr looks absolutely stunning!
You payed attention to fitting weapons, as well and in general I love the detail work over here.
The screens are beautiful and very well done you used some fitting and great locations and managed to get some well timed shots in your thief- animations.
Such a great job definately deserves a gold :3
2017-01-15 8:00

What a cool charr thief :O
I love how you managed to give her sleek armor-comb without a buttcape! The Vipers Jerkin looks so great on her!
The onesided theme with gloves and shoulders fits the chestpiece perfectly! Great comb!!! :D
And a nice presentation tops it off, Gold for you!
2017-01-15 9:30

This looks so much like a Khajiit thief from Skyrim! Nailed the simple thief look. I like it =)
2017-01-15 10:28

Thank you all of you! :D
Frederick - That's pretty funny, I've been considering getting Skyrim...
Ana - oh my god, you wouldn't believe how many pics I had to take to get some of those shots. Especially the one with shortbow skill 3. xD
2017-01-15 11:38

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
exactly what i thougt at first look. khajiit. very simple and yet fitting. how a charr thief should look like. gold
2017-01-15 11:58

I've always shied away from charr for being too bulky, but this one actually looks lithe and elegant. Artful, you might say. I don't even see individual armor pieces here, just one unified look of fluid, cat-like agility. Well done. ^.^
2017-01-15 17:03

Fashion Guru
I love how feminine and mighty she looks, gold.
2017-01-16 21:20

Fashion Guru
I hate charrs but love this look. Gold
2017-01-20 12:18