By Iris on January 12th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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(Rita Vrataski v.2)

This character image is heavily influenced by Storm (Ororo Munroe) in X-Men: Apocalypse but her style takes after Hephaestus the Greek god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes in a dystopian universe. In a world like that of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Gods do not only reside on top of the Olympia. They blend between us humans and roaming about with their purposes. Hephaestus is not the sickly, limping god we used to know. She (!) is a tinkerer, a biker and a passionate fighter with a literally burning passion. She believes that justice has to be swiftly delivered and even if no one else can, her volcanic blade will never fail. Her invictus is as unyielding as her everlasting flame and her hundred blades are equally powerful and deadly.


I love Barbaric Coat ever since I saw an incredibly popular steampunk-inspired look here on GW2 style. It has been featured in an off-armor set of my warrior for about two years. Then a few months ago when Eureka came out, I decided to work on this project as one of my official look. The Aetherblade pants are nice but heavily overused and too tame for the imagery I was looking for. I adore the puffy, military inspired look of the heavy Experimental Envoy pants but I can't afford it after choosing the medium armor set. They just look so right with the Aetherblade combat boots... but oh well, I had to get over it. Then came the Heritage pants. The clipping is its main selling feature but its texture doesn't dye so well. Despite having 4 dye channels, I had to mark most off with Shadow Abyss but even so, I love the pronounced stripe layered metal plates at her knees and on her waist. I balanced the look with a heavy shoulder Burden of Koda which also features a nice stripe metal design. Since the outfit has already seem so cumbersome, I kept accessories simple and opt for Aviator Sunglasses and Shackles of Madness for a tough but streamlined design. Last but not least was the appearance of the Koda's Warm infusion. I jumped for joy when I first saw it in release as it was the last thing I need to complete this look, and it makes perfect sense here. Another reason is the flame from the infusion subtly covers the ugly furry backside of the shoulders! I keep her backpack free as she's a mace/shield and greatsword girl (on raid duty, report in!) I want to show off in detail her Greatsaw and Ghastly Grinning Shield. As for other weapons, the Volcanus is sweet and the Kurzick Axe gives me a satisfying special effect for an additional mystic flair. I'm slowly working towards Eureka at the moment as I think it looks great but perhaps a bit thematic overdose so I'm still on the fence about it...

Anyhow, I'm pretty satisfied about the end result. This look comes about pretty differently from my original inspiration and carries enough of my personal touch for me to proudly present it today. Hope you enjoy and let me think if you like it. Or not. :D


I personally think the sunglasses don't fit very well and you should maybe try out some different shoulder pieces, gladiator for example would look better in my opinion.

But overall your outfit gives me a Mad Max vibe, she looks like she could go on a fire-crazed bloodrage at any moment. Also some of your screenshots are pretty dope.
2017-01-13 15:38

Fashion Guru
I have not seen Mad Max yet, only watched a couple of the trailers so I may have been influenced without knowing. I tried replacing the Aviator Sunglasses with Bloodstone Visage - although it looks quite nice, it gives me the cliche' "Flame-y Flame-y" vibe so I stick with the sunglasses, which makes more sense with the Greatsaw. As for the shoulders, I tried the Gladiator and a couple others and again, they don't really stand out to me. I picked the Koda for its masculine "football" silhouette. It's one of the case it looks so bad(-ass) it's good. So it grows on me.

I think you pretty much nail what I'm heading for with this character and that gives me much pleasure to read your comment. Thank you very much!
2017-01-14 3:44 in reply to Justdeifyme