How to raise a... Dragon?

By Iris on January 12th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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2 0
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Frozen Soil is perplexed.

She is a Sylvari and Sylvari has never been known to be a role-model Parent. In fact, they don't have children and they are the Children! To their Mother Pale Tree. Frozen Soil speak of her own brethren as Brothers and Sisters but deep down inside, she knows none of such things as the blood bond or motherhood. Yet she assumes the task of rearing Aurene to become a good dragon. That's a challenging task and she's up to try a few things.

Firstly, she would dress up in a manner that evokes the essence of Glint as much as possible to remind Aurene of her noble origin and cause. Then upon a visit Aurene in her safe nest, Frozen Soil brought with her a miniature doll of Aurene where a part of her thought and consciousness could be housed inside. With that, she carries them along her adventures to the outside world where they discover its wonders and encounter friends and enemies.


Hello everyone,
This is my first post of 2017, I hope it's not too banal. My ranger has a semi major makeover from her last outfit after me stumbling upon the incredibly beautiful crystalline (dragon) wings. To be honest, it may look a tad cliche' at first sight but the special effect quality just reels me in hook, line and sinker. I found the wings match pretty well with the Icelord's Diadem and the Glacial Gauntlet - both of them was played with the colors a little to present a crystal theme instead of glacial theme. The rest was a bit tricky to ensemble. The Experimental Envoy chest is a trench coat - which is a bit of an anti-thesis to the non-trench coat trend. I find the bikini (XD) is interesting for showing an ample amount of... bark on my sylvari and it has a cool dragon's head in the back. I used the T3 cultural Firstborn leggings with a skin matching dye to give an illusion of two pieces bikini and skirt instead of the whole trench coat thingy. At this point, the Dragon's Epaulet is an obvious must to keep up the crystalline texture and add a bold, masculine touch to complement the tough chest piece. As for the boots, I love the feminine heels and the tough silhouette of the Experimental Envoy boots to keep the dragon theme relevant.

Color-wise, I kept my original color palette of purple, lavender and blue. I chose silver for the metal and various shades of Teal as accent to keep the accompanying Aurene not appear too jarring. I adore Stormbow and Jormag's Breath with this outfit and I'm working to add Howler into my collection as I think it fits superbly here.

That's all I could think of right now. I hope you enjoy the look and let me know of your thought or any improvement I could make. Your comments are dearly appreciated!


Love the look, especially the colors. They match perfectly with everything :D Perhaps my greatest regret is not picking the medium Envoy set. While the set looks disjointed, the individual pieces each have a cool aesthetic, and can be put to great use like you did here =)
2017-01-12 15:23

Fashion Guru
Oooh... which armor set did you pick? I was actually upset for not picking the heavy armor for another project of mine and because I needed an ascended medium set to use anyways. Then I was glad they found a use when the wings came out. I guess it's a fool's luck as Anet has been kindly releasing stuffs that match my characters' outfit :O! Even so, I hope we get around to craft the other armors we did not pick when legendary armors (finally) come out.
2017-01-13 0:35 in reply to frederickx

I picked heavy, some pieces looked interesting but overall it doesn't mix well with other armors in the game :( Been trying to mess around with it, but the metal texture and the strange design are difficult to work with x(
2017-01-13 18:32 in reply to Iris

Fashion Guru
Interesting concept, beautiful dyes and screens. Gold.
2017-01-14 0:34

Fashion Guru
Aurene and I thank you for your comment and the gold!
2017-01-14 4:39 in reply to jesandsteven

Fashion Guru
That's a very nice look!
I love how you combined the envoy chestpiece with the wings and those gloves it's very fitting and interesting looking and something I haven't seen so far.
The headpiece is a really perfect and fitting match and I am a little bit jealous of you that you were able to get this one! xD
I really like those frosty colours and your dye scheme matches your backpiece very well. Your Sylvari's skin tone and hair also fits perfectly, I like it!
Your screens are well done, I love that you took some with Aurene and your Wyvern they are very cute looking and the locations you used are also fitting to the overall theme and look.
All in all it's a solid gold from me :3
2017-01-14 6:56