Arid Nomad

By Jan Regal on January 11th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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36 6
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I'm back after a long hiatus, with another bottom heavy fabric centric look (I am a one trick pony and I will never stop hehe).

I wanted to go for a desert/arctic nomad vagabond look - I felt it was fitting seeing that I have been away from the game for so long, I gel very well with this look.

Once again, I utilise the bottom heavy Forgeman pants (anyone who knows my past looks knows these are my all time favourite legs). I saw the new headpiece and fell in love with it, despite it's size - unfortunately it looked TOO top heavy with most looks, so I've had to balance it out with the legs. I incorporated the wintersday scarf with the helm to make it look like a single piece, and coloured it as such. Past iterations had ALL the fabric one colour, but that felt too uniformed and clean, so I went for orange's perfect complimentary colour - blue. It stands out, yet doesn't jar.

The backpack builds on the nomad theme, along with the aged weapons.

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Oh this is very unique. The scarf and the mask work great together and the colors are very fitting.
The back piece was a nice touch, what's it called?
And any chance you could specify the dyes?
Voted gold of course ^^
2017-01-12 1:54

Elessar Taralom
Wow, this is such an interesting and unique look!
This headpiece is simply one of my favourites and you made really good use of it
With her scarf and the bulky backpiece your character looks so bulky and travel weary, it´s refreshing to see
Your presentation leaves not much to wish for (except specified dyes :p); the screens are gorgeous and I like the litte story!
Have a well deserved gold and a new follower ^^
2017-01-12 5:05

Awesome look!
The armor fits so well together and the backpack makes it just perfect. The dye combination is also one of my favourites, just love orange, blue and metal colors :)
I just would love to see a screen, where you can see the dyes a bit better^^
However, take a gold :)
2017-01-12 5:11

this look is STUNNING!
I love everything here.. the backpack fits perfectly!
2017-01-12 8:03

So cool to see you back on the site!
I missed your looks utilizing the forgeman tassets and rather uncommon skins in general :D
The theme is sooooooooo well executed!!! Love the whole appearence and the almost mystical screens you took!
Its so cool to see this backpack in a good comb/theme!
Very well done!
2017-01-12 9:11

Sweet theme! Very unique. Gold!
2017-01-12 11:42

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
pure awesomeness. i really really love it. gold
2017-01-12 14:09

Fashion Guru
This is really unique, and it comes together beautifully-- weapons and all. It's like a gritty version of the mysterious wandering hero. On top of that, your screenshots are incredibly composed.
2017-01-13 16:38

I am a huge fan of the theme you set with this outfit
2017-01-13 18:29

Fashion Guru
Wonderful upload!
You really did a great job with the armour combo! This headpiece is still one of my absolute favourites and in combination with the other pieces it looks very neat.
Usually I am not a big fan of the scarf except it really fits with your theme or the overall look in general but here it really matches your theme and I like that choice a lot.
I don't really know what kind of colours you used but looking through the screens I am pretty sure you made a very good choice and I like that dye job BUT I still have to ask you to specify your dyes in the description! It would help us out a lot :3
The screens are well done made, you did such a great job chosing the right place and light and I simply love it!
Have your gold!
2017-01-14 7:09

Really nice :D Gold
2017-01-15 8:17

Oh my! I'm in love with that look! It's really unique and looks absolutely wonderful. Gold from me
2017-01-16 11:45

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
-- Comment has been removed --
2017-01-21 14:03 in reply to aldrin

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
The backpack is called Hoelbrak's Mountaineers - the dyes are specified! Thanks for the gold :)
2017-01-21 14:03 in reply to Mek

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Thansk for the comment, I saw the ehadpiece straight away and LVOED it, and wanted to make it work. Glad it does! the dyes are specified :)
2017-01-21 14:04 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Hi Hylek! Good to see you still kicking around here :D Long time no speak! Glad you like the look, hopefully will be getting more looks on in the near future!

Just saving for a legendary, and severely lacking trans charges! :x
2017-01-21 14:06 in reply to Hylek

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Thank you my friend, kind words - means alot :)
2017-01-21 14:06 in reply to Chiorydax

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Thank you for the comment and gold! The dyes are now specified.. which is rare! Cos Usually I am too lazy to do it.. whoops!!!!!!
2017-01-21 14:07 in reply to AnaChronism

Woah... i was thinking about posting warrior of mine, but he is already here. I'm using different dyes + heritage gloves/boots tho.
Gold (but still a little bit sad i can't post mine now :P)
2017-04-10 16:33