Iron Legion Assault Infantry

By Knightsy on January 11th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
7 5
1 0
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"Engineer turned Warrior. Where tools and guns could not be relied upon in the time of need, the heavy gauntlet of the Iron legion could. Now, after joining the martial wing of the legion, he patrols the Plains of Ashford doing his best to guard the Charr stronghold within Kryta."

With this character, I wanted to go for "Iron Legion Heavy" theme using lore friendly and practical looking armour, and avoiding the classic "Spikes for everyone" T3 Cultural.

I figured that machined weapons would go quite nicely with Iron legion steam punk vibe and picked the Iron Legion shield to stick with the lore friendly look (but mostly because I don't have the machined one yet). It doesn't fully match the colour palette however, so there's some room for improvement.

Gearset as follows:

Head: Magnus's Eyepatch
Shoulders: Dreadnought Spaulders
Chest:: Forgeman Breastplate
Gloves: Claws of Koda
Leggings: Forgeman's Tassets
Boots: Paws of Koda


Main: Iron
Secondary: chocolate for Dark Leathery looking additions
Tertiary: Only shoulders (to add a wee bit more colour), I went with Royal Blue

Feel free to drop any suggestions for improvement.


Interesting charr look.
The forgeman armor is quite rare so i appreciate the rare sight :D
The blue on the shoulder piece looks a bit off imo, if you want the addition of a different colour maybe try a more subtle hue?
Love the weapon-choice and presentation! Makes it an overall Gold for me :)
2017-01-11 10:32

Cheers for the rating and feedback!

I agree, the blue stands out wee bit (it's there mostly for personal preference). I jumped in-game real quick and found that slotting in red of darker variety (lifesblood or scarlet) works quite nicely. Tones it down whilst still giving the side profile more colour ^^
2017-01-11 11:38 in reply to Hylek

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Good, solid heavy charr - with rare use of forgeman's gear (forgeman fan myself)!
2017-01-11 23:10

I agree with Hylek, the blue is too contrasting here. The armor choice is wonderful though, matches the charr machinery =)
2017-01-11 23:30

2017-01-12 13:32

Shaman Crinitus
Really love this look. I agree a little about the blue being a bit out of place; but it doesn't subtract from the overall look. You've captured the concept of a traditional Legion charr without going down the popular paths, and I appreciate that. That face is my favorite charr face, too!

Gold overall. Looking forward to more work from you!
2017-01-26 0:20