Saki, the Sword Mistress

By Sakigami San on January 6th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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6 7
5 0
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Hi all =)

This is Sakigami San, my main character, the Daredevil.
She is about 3-4 years old now, and still enjoying all of it!
Mainly she used sword/pistol - shortbow becouse she just loves the sword.
So I decided to take alot of my screens with sword, and totally forgot about Bo,
my dear new Staff! Butt maybe I'll upload Bo later =)


Elessar Taralom
Really love the overall feel of the character, the armour mix gives her a really great vibe of this hooded heroine, really cool!^
I do feel that the wings are not super fitting for the look, however I do understand that one wants to show them off
Dyes could be a tad bit more interesting, but they do accentuate this leather feeling quite nicely
Your screens are absolute bomb, the poses and angles are really great and elavate this upload A LOT
So while the super legendary things are a little out of place here (since this site is purely about fashion after all), you really made up for it with basically everything else and so this is a solid gold for me! ^^
2017-01-06 9:27

Very classy and sexy look.
Love the dye choices.
2017-01-06 9:47

Fashion Collector
OMG! Look like Cad Bane from Star Wars :). Gold of corse.
2017-01-06 11:43

Sakigami San
Fashion Collector
Thank you all for the nice comments =D
Elessar Taralom, thank you so much for your precise explanation!
I do rlly agree with you on the wings! I was so happy with them, that I had to do some screens with it ^^
But after a while I found a character that fits em better, and left my thief to shine on her own. I got a new look for her aswell on my profile =) It's without wings this time, and about the staff ^^ Ty again!
2017-03-04 8:12 in reply to Elessar Taralom