Noble Chronomancer

By Laevatainn on January 3rd, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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**I seem to have fixed my problem of ugly greatsword! As was suggested by a very fashionable friend of mine, the Ascalonian greatsword looked neat. And boy was he right! So there are 2 other pictures in the bunch now.

Excuse the dark preview shot. Proper-looking stuff further down! This is also my first post so please go a little easier on me ;v; I'm not entirely sure if I should stamp 'help' onto this since it's really only the weapons but... eh.

Just your standard chrono, I suppose. This look has a fairly funny story behind it because it all started with a Leystone vest that I got from Dragon's Stand. I quite liked it, so I decided to experiment. Unfortunately all of them came out hideous, so I turned to some culturals to look for gloves ( since the vest was sleeveless ). I started with Sorcerer's gear for which the gloves are absolutely badass. Though, I still couldn't make the vest work.
SO I ditched the vest went on to look at other human culturals, which brings me to this! I never paid that much attention to Aristocrat's set but the pauldron was intriguing to me ( I still stuck with Masquerade though. ) And since my mesmer Velouree is your fancy human noble, this ended up fitting very well.

Now, weapons I've had trouble with. Bloodstone has been my best pick so far ( which you see in the sword ) and I like Chronomancer's shield for the most part, though Horologicus looks way snazzier. But then there's the auric greatsword. Shudder. I've been considering Dark Harvest, but I am open to suggestions!

Preview shot taken in Black Citadel in front of the Nolani academy ruins. The rest are taken in the Shattered Palisades in Blazeridge Steppes.


Elessar Taralom
I really like the overall vibe of this look, even if the armour mix isnĀ“t 100% original; it got something Castlevania-ish about it, definitely a little bit like a noble vampire with that dye job
For that reason I also think you should go with the Bloodstone weapons, they really fit your theme nicely!
2017-01-04 5:41