By JustACat on December 30th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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2 5
1 1
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She spent most of her life in Ascalon. Well, honestly, spent most of her life stealing whatever she needed or wanted - so I was going for an eclectic look, put together from the things she stole.
Love the top with all the random pieces while not being a trenchcoat. Still not enteirly happy with the pants, too plain. Her pistols are literally something (hopefully valuable) grabbed in a random place.
Choice of dyes is with "not too dark" in mind. Black is actually not the greatest colour for darkness because it stands out too much. Also, her thieving days are behind her so why not have a little shine?


Dyes in GW2Style are not updated yet so the dye I marked as Glint's Isolation is Daybreak and Blue Steel is Blue Shade.


Wonder Wabbit
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2016-12-30 14:02

I like this! Especially the dyes. Very original and the armor combination is appealing and fitting. The only thing that looked out of place was the pink pistol.
But overall gold for a new upload!
2016-12-30 18:43

I'm not sure if it's a preview window bug but when I was trying to apply kodan skin on both the second pistol wouldn't show up at all so I went with nightmare.
2016-12-30 18:49 in reply to Eremite

Jasper Deftarrow
I don't know what theme you are going for buy this seems like clusterfuck, armor sort of looks like its starting to match together into something resembling a theme. Your weapons i don't know what you're going for though. This is not even worthy of a bronze overall. Start over from scratch.
2016-12-31 9:57

I'm going for the thieving theme. ;) As in "she stole everything she owns" so it is going to be eclectic. And no, I'm not going to start from scratch, only may change some things.
2016-12-31 10:18 in reply to Jasper Deftarrow

Fashion Guru
She's really pretty!
2017-01-12 3:00

Thank you!
2017-01-13 8:45 in reply to shopaholic

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