Gardenia- Sylvari Thief

By hungryolred on July 17th, 2014
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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3 4
7 1
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3rd Post, 2nd Sylvari. Inspired by some of the recent Sylvari postings in cultural/nightmare armors. Wanted a vicious/chaos/insane look.

He's a Nightmare assassin sent to Arah to dispatch high ranking members of the Pact. After an embarrassing defeat by the hands of Trahearne, our assassin lost his mind. Now wonders the mists doing the only thing he knows how.

Arah helmet, Evergreen Shoulder, Nightmare Chest, Lawless gloves, Arah pants, and Krytan boots. The dyes are Enameled Sky, Enameled Emblaze, Celestial, Black, Midnight Ice.


Fashion Police
I love these stories you post with your looks!

Those boots are great with those gloves, and those pants are great with that top, but I'd never have tried using the two combos together. Certainly differentiates you!

Not sure if you've tried it but I'd suggest using a more bone-colored dye in place of celestial. I think if you tone it down a bit you can keep the bright highlights but tie things together just a bit more if you could maybe match the bones from the boots. Just a thought!
2014-07-18 6:22

Pretty damn epic. And one of the best color accents I have ever laid eyes upon!
2014-07-21 6:48

Thanks! The suggestion to change bone dye for celestial was solid. I noticed I use the same 4 colors for my dye jobs so it adds something new.
2014-07-22 20:56