The Assassin Shinobi Daredevil (Second Edition)

By Thrall on December 26th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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Hello! I'm Thrall (Jernsern on Reddit) and this is my Ninja-inspired Daredevil skin for Guild Wars 2.

This is my second entry on the website, and isn't much different from the first. All the armor pieces are the same, but I revamped my dye job and took some nicer screenshots - I hope.

My aim here was to create a heavily japanese influenced ninja/assassin revolving mainly around Bojutsu. I considered a few tops for this style, but it was important to me that it had some element that ressembled the Daredevil Scarf's loose fabric piece. The Scarf shoulder style is also paramount in this skin as it is the only way to tie the chest and head parts with this particular chest skin. The feet skin was chosen largely because of the sandals, and eventually for the shurikens as well. I did ponder for quite a while about if I wanted those to be apparent or not, but I felt like it was flowing well as an outfit using the three Sneakthief pieces.

I'm definitely not a Guild Wars fashionista yet, and am more used to working with plate armors. So I'm opened to all criticism! That being said, I will probably not post another update since this is already my second attempt. But be assured that my in-game character will most likely change based on your feedback!

Bonus : A different dyejob for daggers that I will probably use while running a D/D build. Desert inspired and loosely based on the Overwatch Genji's Nomad skin. I thought it was original but didn't warrant a post in itself so I added it here.

Discuss this look on Reddit at GuildWarsDyeJob!


The addition of charcoal dye looks great!
Its less of a black blob now and more nautral and realistic imo :)
Your description is perfect! Nothing to nitpick here.
The screens however could be abit more zoomed in and you could pay a little bit more attention towards the background. In some screens the background looks a bit empty.
But thats minor critique. For a starter these screens are very nice :D
I also like the genji-inspired version. Maybe you could add another screen from char-select for that version?
Overall i can appreciate your style much more now and i will give you a Gold for your effort and your nice reception and response of critique :)
2016-12-26 14:14

Thanks for helping me improve! I'll remember all that next time I post a skin here.

I'll upload a couple more desert screens later today :)

And hey, not everyone is like that Wabbit guy, thank god :D
2016-12-27 8:31 in reply to Hylek

Elessar Taralom
A well done assassin look!
I wouldn´t necessarily say this is something I never saw before, but you did do a very solid job with it!
The dye job is nice and definitely an improvement over your first upload, dark, but with enough nuances to keep it interesting
I think personally I like the Genji version a little better, it just feels a little more original to me ^^
Screens: what Hylek said
The gold is a little shaky, but a gold nonetheless :p
2016-12-27 9:36

Refia Montes
I really love the outfit, but the name feels weird, too long and too much.

Nice touch on the desert dye too.
2016-12-30 2:19

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