Orchid Sylvari

By sethrea on December 26th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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Beautiful and resilient orchid flower.

PS. This entry is an archive for myself (if I could make it private, I would), feel free not to judge. If you like it or if the dye job inspires you, I am glad. Otherwise, feel free to move along in search for some truly creative looks out there.


Wonder Wabbit
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2016-12-26 10:11

So you even continue flaming other peoples uploads while you still failed horribly on your own?
You called my critique "not constructive" ... but THIS oneliner of yours is supposed to be constructive?
I really see that you are a troll now ... and if not, simply a very sad and unpleasant person with 0 self-reflection!

To your look sethrea:
Using a whole armor-set is a bit uncreative i must say. However, i do like the colours you chose! They are nicely natural and tasteful.
You should try mixing in some of the other cultural sets or even some other armor!
As much as i despise Wonder Wabbit. His point about the screens is valid. Character-selection screens are nice to show your style in neutral lighting, but standing on their own, they dont make a great presentation!
You should try finding beautiful locations to take screens at and then do some posing ;)
Some more thoughts about your look in the description would also be nice. A story about your character can be added too, if you are motivated to write something.
2016-12-26 11:09 in reply to

Wonder Wabbit
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2016-12-26 12:06 in reply to Hylek

Kindly leave this website, Wabbit. We've already got a few assholes, no need for one more.
2016-12-26 15:47 in reply to

Fashion Guru
To Wonder Wabbit:
With one recent look you granted it an instant gold despite it having only a single screenshot that doesn't even show the entire look. And here you drop a (presumably) no rating because even though there are a decent number of screens they are simply the "damn loading screen". Pardon me, but that seems like an awful contradiction. If you're lambasting this look for a seemingly "poor" presentation, rethink your standards because, objectively, sethrea has a better presentation here than your own upload does. If you can't take or respond pleasantly to constructive criticism from others, I suggest you stop trying to give it out too.

To sethrea:
I apologize that your look has had to suffer this argument in the comments. Please don't take it as a mark against your upload.

What you have is a great! I like the color scheme you've chosen, especially how the dark skin contrasts and makes the yellows really stand out. Some screenshots from in the game itself would definitely benefit the upload, but as it stands what you've put out is a solid look with sufficient presentation.

Great job, sethrea!
2016-12-27 1:52 in reply to

Elessar Taralom
Don´t let yourself be discouraged by jerks like Wabbit ^^
First uploads always leave room for improvement and I think where you already did really well was the dye job
It feels really realistic and plant like and I definitely see the orchid you based this on
Try experimenting with a few different armour sets, it always adds to the creativity of a look (even though the cultural Sylvari options are super limited...)
If you take a look at other uploads you´ll see that ingame screens and a little more lengthy description are the key ingredients for a good rating, but that´ll come with time
Still a solid first upload ^^
2016-12-27 9:45

Wonder Wabbit
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2016-12-28 3:50 in reply to KestrelGirl

Wonder Wabbit
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2016-12-28 3:51 in reply to Tetrama

Hey Wabbit, just fyi: this upload is meant to help me out storing a look I liked before I switched it over together with the dye set; if I could make it private, I would but since I can't, if other people find it interesting, cool. So take your sour sentiment out of here.
2017-01-14 5:52 in reply to

Thank you for your kind words, Stranger!

Even thought I did not mean for this upload to me anything but an archive for myself, I appreciate you took time to give me nice, creative feedback
2017-01-14 5:54 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thank you for your kind words and taking time to give me some good feedback. May the dye channels be forever in your favour ;)
2017-01-14 5:58 in reply to Tetrama

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate the time and effort you took to give me some valid tips :)
2017-01-14 6:00 in reply to Hylek