Straight Outta the Mists [Outdated]

By KestrelGirl on December 25th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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6 3
4 0
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"The last thing I remember is being on cleaning duty and getting teleported to the wrong place to scrub. Then boom, all of a sudden it's 1328, Zhaitan is dead, and Mordremoth's somehow awake!"

Ryxxi disappeared two decades ago, and now, mysteriously, she's back on Tyria with a new set of very un-Engineer-like weapons. Her old krewe has only now learned of her true fate and refers to what happened as "the Sewer Incident." She claims it had something to do with the Inquest tampering with her translocator and a Mists portal in Thaumanova Reactor, but these claims have yet to be investigated...

Here's my Herald, Mistwalker Ryxxi! I came up with her backstory as soon as I heard the mysterious "Sewer Incident" referenced in the asura personal story. I thought it'd be funny to have such a mundane-sounding thing be the reason she's a Revenant, as opposed to the usual "I died and now I'm back."

- To start off: I FINALLY HAVE A FUNCTIONAL PC!! Now that that's out of the way...
- The dye scheme is inspired by the Glyphic weapon set and the Jalis and Glint stances Ryxxi uses (it's nice that they're both blue!)

Pics were taken in Rata Sum and the Edge of the Mists. Cover and character select pics are unedited; the rest have MasterEffect (same shader as always, "oh shiny").

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Elessar Taralom
I really love seeing how much your uploads improved, your screens and story are really coming along nicely!
Your armour mix invokes a cultural feel of Asura, mixed with some classic Revenant themes, me likey
The dye job feels a tad too monochromatic for me, it is a little TOO blue overall, some silver or Cinder in there could make it a little more interesting to look at
Overall this is still a great upload and an overall gold ^^
2016-12-25 17:07

After doing a little bit of dye exploration, you're totally right. Sadly, I don't own any of the expensive silvers except for Charred which looks a little bit too warm (Cinders shows up white, I don't really like how it looks). I do like the look of Murky Grey though - it's 70 gold right now, time will tell if I get it in the future!
2016-12-25 18:24 in reply to Elessar Taralom

The style and presentation are both very nice!
I like the asuran-style armor-comb and the overall colour-scheme. I do agree with Elessar though, that its a bit too blue. A second colour might spice up the look quite a bit ;D
The screens you took are really cool! Chapeau for taking the ones from the spinning sword animation!
Overall a Gold from me :)
2016-12-26 10:49

Fashion Guru
Really great screens!
2017-01-12 3:09