Night Vigil

By Eremite on December 10th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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10 10
1 0
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In the year 1075 AE, the followers of the dark god Abaddon began to surface...

In an attempt to resurrect their fallen god, dark rituals were performed at an increasingly large scale and frequency across the lands, often involving human sacrifices. Fear spread quickly among the inhabitants as rumors were rife on the return of Abaddon, with many choosing to cower in their homes and pray to their gods...

Yet there were some who rose to the call...and it was in times of darkness that their light shines brightest...these men and women work tirelessly from the shadows to guard the streets of Tyria and keep the followers of Abaddon at bay.

Their guild came to be known as Night Vigil.


Hello all! I tried to make a look with the gargoyle weapons and thought of using it as a night vigilante theme.
Hope you like it!

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Fashion Collector
Oh my I actually love this! both the way your character looks with the hair and eyes and whatnot, but also the armor comb and dyes. Such a shame the Aegis effect is on a lot of the screenshots. It really clashes. He looks badass tho :) gold
2016-12-11 5:50

Thanks for your thoughts! I sigh every time I see the aegis on too...

On a separate note, I love many of your own designs posted, they all look simple yet deeply attractive. I like especially your Mother of Tigers design. Hoping you will start posting new designs on your profile soon!
2016-12-11 6:42 in reply to Beckie93

Lucent Mirage
Love it! Good chioce armor
2016-12-11 7:44

2016-12-11 10:32 in reply to Lucent Mirage

Fashion Guru
Your armor mix, colors and weapon choices look great together. Even though some parts of the armor are rather ordinary on its own, you managed to make it look interesting and unique.. cool :) Also I appreciate the face details.
2016-12-12 12:26

Ooh, I love this - it matches the weapons so well, and the sunset background was a great choice for the screenshots. The hair and eyes are a great combination too.
2016-12-15 8:14

Thank you =D
2016-12-16 19:19 in reply to Katushka

Thanks =)
2016-12-16 19:19 in reply to Pixie

Fashion Guru
That's a lot of black, which seems to be a theme of yours :) And as your past few looks you pull it off flawlessly! Just enough variation in the hues to not loose your detail. Another gold from me :D
2016-12-17 3:51

TY =)
2016-12-18 10:42 in reply to jesandsteven

Absolutely stunning!!! really good job it goes together like butter on toast haha :P
2017-02-20 11:24

thanks for checking one of my older works!
2017-02-22 4:07 in reply to brads1989