Crazed Bloodstone Thief

By Kiza on December 10th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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3 3
4 0
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"A female Thief with a craving for Tyria's most exotic and expensive items, the drive for such premium quality objects drove her insane twisting her view on reality itself. All she sees now are the colors of Bloodstone..."

This is my first ever post here so please do comment your opinions below, the theme I've tried to go here attempts to follow the story I conjured above where my character uses the Bloodstone (including the dye) pieces as a link to the rest of the expensive set up.

I've used quite a bit of creativity with the auras to get the mix of red and yellow hues sitting at a more balanced overall look alongside my weapons. To achieve this I used a Harsh Black dye (Shadow Abyss) and then a thick Red dye (Bloodstone Coral which fitted my theme) coupled with an Orange Poly Refractor to blend the colors in with my weapons a bit better.

Listed are the Armor pieces:
Helm: Bloodstone Visage
Shoulders: Shoulder Scarf
Chest: Nightmare Court Guise
Gloves: Chaos Gloves
Leggings: Leystone Leggings
Foot: Rawhide Boots
Back: Fire Quiver Backpack

Jewel Auras are the following: Chak Egg Sac, Preserved Queen Bee, Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Orange)


I love the red and black color scheme. Armor wise it looked more like a light armor class than a medium one which caught my attetion. The story was also a very original and fitting one. Gold!
2016-12-10 18:00

Bronze, because too many expensive auras :D
2016-12-11 10:33

Is the cost of a look also a factor as to why it gets a low rating? Legitimate question, because I thought it that the main objective is to find a good look with some creativity or originalty (in the sense that it hasn't been seen too often or done before). Was I supposed to cater towards a more economy class audience in general?

Also Thankyou Eremite! Do you believe there was more I could have done in terms of Dye choices or Originality? I'd really appreciate your opinions on those two in particular.
2016-12-11 10:51

Fashion Guru
It's not creative. Slam every aura and every legendary the class can use and then color everything in black/ red. Done. If you want to see some truly creative content look up Hylek's stuff.
2016-12-11 12:31

Of course it's a factor. I'm jealous.
2016-12-11 15:20 in reply to Kiza

@Voodoo, RIP. But thanks for the heads up!

@Addiction. I mean like, if I slapped every aura I'd be using Ghostly infusions, The Bifrost and the like without a care in the world on how the combination matches while disregarding a mixture of armor pieces and slapping Red/Black dyes on an outfit. But thankyou for the tip to look at Hylek's content, I've actually got no comparison for what I can improve on. Much appreciated! Lastly, what do you believe I could have done to make this more creative? Drop the Auras? Use more Dye colours? I'd really want to try experimenting with some of your standards for a creative look.
2016-12-12 5:45

Fashion Guru
" the theme I've tried to go here attempts to follow the story I conjured above where my character uses the Bloodstone"

I'd start with using the bloodstone weapons. Then basing the look off those weapons. Think white mantle. White cloth with accents of bright red. Gold trim.
2016-12-13 14:09

Fashion Guru
It's pretty neat~

Red and black don't really do it for me personally, but it's not like it looks particularly bad or anything.

This is way better than my first post, ha ha. And better than some of my more recent ones...

2016-12-23 11:07

Gotchya! Thankyou for that guys! I'll take this all into account

Also in the winter spirit I've actually changed my outfit and put this one in the wardrobe for now, planning to post it soon :)
2016-12-24 16:32

I am in love with this look! B E A UTIFUL! Gold and a Follow from me.
2016-12-28 8:46