Icebrood Hunter

By jesandsteven on December 10th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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o/ Hi all
Brace yourself, my winter looks are coming :)
So, new area, new back piece, new look for my Dragon Hunter. The blue on the back really does not have an exact dye match in our offered pallet. So instead of trying a dye pallet that was sort of off, I chose to let it stand out. A sort of trophy acquired from her hunts. I went the route of modeling the dyes around the new Moonlight Blue hair color, that I just love.
I wanted her to look as if she was a product of the environment. Dyes that blended into the scenery, and armor that would mimic her icy foes. Some horn elements mixed with frosty metal. I used the same gloves and legs, gasp IK, but I thought the look needed some cohesion, instead of just a bunch of spikey bits. The shoulders are meant to mirror the boots. I also like that the boots have a similar pattern type as the top. The top was chosen over other options to not ignore the leather parts in the legs, and I always like a bit of cultural armor.
I hope that some of you may enjoy this look :)


GORGEOUS. With the backpiece accents standing out, it looks amazing in the environments. Fantastic action shots, superb combo.

the top middle screenie is my favorite.
gold from lil me.
2016-12-10 0:56

Can you name the backpiece?
2016-12-10 5:36

Awesome look!
All the armor parts fit together very well! I do not see that chest piece often and it looks really nice in here.
You also used very nice muted dyes, I really like it.
I actually like that the backpiece stands out colorwise.
2016-12-10 6:29

Very cool style!!!
I love the greyish, cold hues you chose! They fit the theme so well :o
Her face, hair and tattoo complete the style perfectly. It looks so COOL together ;D ... i find the door myself ...
I too recognized that there is no colour, which matches the backpiece atm. You made it look great nonetheless!!!
Nice look with nice presentation, Gold from me :D
2016-12-10 9:41

Fashion Guru
I like the theme itself, armor mix + colors + weapons are interesting, looking very good and I don't remember seeing anything like this yet. And the Koda's Warmth looks perfect in the contrast with blue everything. Great job :)
2016-12-10 12:36

Lucent Mirage
2016-12-10 23:39

Fashion Guru
Not your best look. The effect given off is that you mixed armor pieces for the sake of mixing armor pieces; not because mixing looked better. The look would have been more aesthetic had you used studded plate for every armor piece.
2016-12-12 13:03

Elessar Taralom
I really love this look!
The mixing is quite nice, it feels like a cultural look without relying too heavily on cultural armour itself
Natural dyes and stunning presentation make this an easy gold for me! ^^
2016-12-12 18:45

This is one of my favourite looks on here! You've made the stand-out colour of the backpack really work with the look, and I love the mix of heavy leathers + spiked plate. The bow is a great choice, and I even like the helm (which is surprising, I'm often not a fan!)
2016-12-15 8:22

Fashion Guru
Thanks for all the great comments all!
2016-12-16 19:10


Also, way too much leather in the middle of these massive metal pieces looks out of place. "Hey guys, my shoulders are invulnerable but check out these soft squishy organs. Penetrate me with your massive steel rods bb
2016-12-18 16:10