Queen of Thorns

By Elessar Taralom on December 7th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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38 6
5 0
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When Diane joined the Pact to fight Mordremoth, she had no clue what she got herself into. These stories about Mordremoth creating the Sylvari as their minions couldn´t possibly be true, could they? But once she entered the Heart of Maguuma, the whispers in her head grew. This entity was so powerful and his words so promising that Diane just couldn´t bear to not listen. Mordremoth promised her power and the young Sylvari just couldn´t resist. Driven into madness by the Elder Dragon she followed his orders blindly, slaying lots of her old comrades by doing so.
Now, with Mordremoth´s mind slain Diane is cursed to wander around aimlessly, her mind cut off from her master. Sometimes she remembers things she has done to her former friends and comrades and her mind sinks deeper into darkness once more so she might forget.

Hey guys!
I finally got around to try another Mordrem theme on one of my Sylvari! ^^ Since I really like heavy cultural armour the most on Sylvari (but they are kinda overused due to the lack of different sets) I wanted to spice it up with a fun dye job! I tried to match the whole dyes a little to the Mordrem weapon set, but it wasn´t my sole intention for the look. I wanted something sinister looking that might resemble some kind of poison ous plant or coral.
I hope you still like the look despite the obvious cultural armour ^^

EDIT: The Nightmare Thornblade/Nettleguard weapons aren´t in the accessoire tab yet

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I'm so weak for Mordrem themed Sylvari. This is stunning, I love the colors.
2016-12-07 16:29

You get a free gold from me! I'm so weak for sylvari, period... xD
2016-12-07 16:41

a really nice Mordrem style! the metal armor parts fits very well to the plant parts and the dye choice is awesome
2016-12-07 20:09

Fashion Guru
What I like the most about this look is the color mix. Very good job :)
2016-12-07 22:36

When posting cultural sylvaris, you have to slay with colour-concept and presentation to make the look stand out ... and boy you did!
The colours are absolutely beautiful! The rusty/earthen tones highlighted with this bright turquoise just make a stunning appearence!
She resembles the mordrem theme perfectly! Your weapon choice is obvious, though it is no less stunning to see with the armor :D
Even the new nightmare weapons look fantastic here!
Screens and description are absolutely amazing, as always!
I absolutely love the 1st screen in the 5th row! The way she holds the weapons make them look like wings almost, very cool!!!
So ... Bronze ofc ;D *raises sarcasm-shield*
2016-12-08 9:26

She's so pretty! And I love the story too! :D
2016-12-08 18:48

Fashion Guru
She is a true beauty and you really pulled off something amazing and awesome!

Though there are many Mordrem- looks around on this site it has been a while since I saw one and I love what you did here. The skins may be a little 'overused' but it's not our fault that we are very limited when it comes to cultural looks and since there are barely any new armour skins in the game we kinda have to stick around with what we had. And hey, I really love the combo it looks amazing on her, especially the chestpiece and the helmet are my all time favourites.
What I love the most though are the colours! This is an exceptional dye- job which forces me to love everything about her. You managed to match the colourscheme of the weapons very well and speaking of weapons- I am so happy that you didn't go full Mordrem- skins over here. The skins from the Nightmare fractal are also adding up to the dangerous and corrupted vibe she is giving me and spices the whole look a little more up!

Your screens are as always badass, beautiful and perfectly done and I could just continue with praising this upload but I think a gold medal sais it all- it's awesome! x3
2016-12-09 7:18

Absolutely nailed the look on this character. Every thing matches up wonderfully; the color choices, armor parts, weapon skins (Nightmare mixed with Mordrem was a nice combo), all of it. The only thing I have to say is that I see a lot of Mordrem themes for Sylvari, but who cares, she looks fantastic!
2016-12-09 7:59

Fashion Guru
She is just beautiful. Gold
2016-12-10 2:33

I almost create a sylvari warrior just to look as good as you! I really like the shots and the thorn-themed!
2016-12-12 14:53

The Armor and Color mizex is amazing..
2016-12-14 5:14

I can only echo what everyone else here says - the dye job is spot on, and I love just how spiky/thorny the whole look is!
2016-12-15 8:25

Wow!! This look is perfect! The dyes are fantastic, the 6th and the 13rd screenshots are amazing!

I would say more things but I will just say perfect!
This is one of those looks that I would love to be able to give more than just one gold!!
2016-12-17 18:38

Simply, beautifull
2016-12-23 12:59

Elessar Taralom
Why´d you give bronze then though :/
2016-12-23 16:48 in reply to Pakarax

Fashion Collector
Really, really gorgeous!
2017-01-12 3:24

Fashion Collector
your stories are always fun to read *__*
2017-01-14 11:21

great one, gold!!!
2017-05-15 10:24