By Esdeath on December 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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2 6
3 0
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Been wanting to use mistward armour for ages and finally got around to levelling my Rev.
When I was testing armour and dye combinations, nothing really looked right and I thought red was too standard, but when I tried green I kinda fell in love.
These gloves/shoulders weren't the original ones either. I happened to just buy them off TP because I needed zerker gloves until I got around to ascending..but it ended up looking really nice imo.
I've decided to call the look "Shego", as a childhood throwback :P
I'm really sorry if the screenshots aren't ideal...some people get some really nice screenshots but I just couldn't figure out how to get really nice ones.
Apparently the site doesn't know it exists yet, but the sword is Nightmare Thornblade.
[Sorry the picture with staff is only a wardrobe preview...timegated mats smh :c]


Fashion Guru
I really like this look. A mix of green and dark dyes makes her look more like some heavy armored poison fighter (at least in my eyes) but it fits with the weapons really well, which definitely makes for a nice combination!

I also like the diversity in the sides, one side is dark and the other one is more green, makes it feel more vibrant.

For screenshots, I recommend (if possible) to put up the graphics. Even if you end up with low-ish fps, for screenshots it can always work. Of course on some devices it just end up horribly, but that's a thing on your end which I can't tell right now.
To achieve more stunning screenshots, use camera settings. Horizontal and vertical position together with Field of View can make for amazing screenshots! I usually tend to put Field of View on minimum to get the best close up shots, and you can use horizontal for nice action shots, emotes or stances, or to just get some landscape in with your character. The vertical setting is mainly for the type of shots you wanna do: close-up, shoulder, torso... whatever you want to have on your screen, it will work with horizontal positioning.
Also try to find more fitting areas for your character, just standing at ministers waypoint isn't very exciting in my opinion. With your green, try to maybe get to some areas where humans or sylvari fight orrians, they have this green swamp-ish feel, which goes well with your armor, while the dark parts make her look more badass in there.
2016-12-06 8:57

Dark Fairy Princess
That green dye is new and unique to me and I like your usage of it especially on your heavy armor choice. I find heavy armor to be difficult to work with personally as it's not quite my style.
You did well.
2016-12-09 22:04

Ty :D
2016-12-10 1:30 in reply to Blackkarmy

Ty. C:
I usually use light armour, so I kinda tried to make this outfit look like it was light/medium. Most heavy armour is way too clunky imo.
I just did the design for my Guardian as well with a slightly similar armour set. [ Guardian]
2016-12-10 1:33 in reply to Dark Fairy Princess

All the yes, especially the tribute to Shego.
2016-12-16 0:19

Glad you like it :D
2016-12-16 1:58 in reply to doleperfection

I get the reference and thus the colours you chose ^^
The armor-comb is nice and your weapons-choice very fitting for the style!
Howeever, i fear that the dye-scheme, though explained, doesnt hit my taste.
For me some neutral colour is missing. Some brownish or golden hue maybe. Let the green be the highlight colour and use it more subtle.
The reference is funny and the style is good! It just lacks this wow effect id say. Silver from me :)
2016-12-26 12:03

Yeah, that makes sense. 2-tone outfits don't really have much of a wow factor usually, I just wasn't sure how to implement neutral tones into this armour set without making it too..different I guess. I'll play around with it later ;p
2016-12-26 12:06 in reply to Hylek

(But yeah, this particular armour set doesn't have a ton of combinations iirc. Really hard to make it 3 tone)
2016-12-26 12:07 in reply to Hylek

Yeah i can imagine :S
Its quite annoying that some pieces only have 2 or even just 1 colour-slot.
2016-12-26 13:44

Yeah...I tried and there was literally no way to make this look good with more than 2 colours haha
2016-12-26 14:29 in reply to Hylek