Channeling the Spirits of Nature

By Hylek on December 3rd, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Heyho guys, im back :D

After i had some trouble with my laptop for quite a while, i can finally post my stuff again!

This is the heal-gear of my druid. I made this style when the emberbay skins came out.
Its supposed to be pretty much the essential druid-style, close to nature.
I thought of it being some sort of wild fairy, kinda djinn-like, wandering some wastelands and watching over the spare life in those areas. I tried so resemble the native american style a bit, with the staff being the obvious choice, as some sort of totemic relic. The mask could be wooden, as the rest of the armor.
For the colours i tried to match the brown of the staff abit, but i had to use many dyes to fit all the different textures i used. Then added some blue highlights to match the wings and some beige for the fabric.

Im pretty out of practice when it comes to screens xD
I hope you still enjoy my selection :S
As always, the screens are not edited (except some cropping). All effects come from the druid glyphs!!!

Have a nice day and leave some thoughts, cya next time o/


That is a nice look, great screens- especially when you used glyphs. I am not a fan of the wing-back, because in my opinion it does not fit the desert. But you did make it up with a great dye-job on the Carapace Jerkin. It is a pleasure to look the screens- gold.
2016-12-03 15:24

Matthias Gabrel
I really like the look, and especially the dyes, but i'm not a big fan of the epaulets.
2016-12-03 15:33

Elessar Taralom
Yay, finally an upload from you again! ^^
I really like this mix, it´s creative and unexpected, mixing some armour pieces that you usually don´t see too often in this combination
I really love the dyes the most about this look, it is such an original concept to combine with the wings
Great screens and description as always, gold! ^^
2016-12-03 16:01

I say the same as Elessar! :D
Plus I really like how the chest and leggings fit, they seem from the same set, and it is unique with those shoulders and headdress.

Good job!
2016-12-03 17:18

Dark Fairy Princess
She is amazing! Love the look.
2016-12-03 23:45

Love the armor choices for your Druid! It's a little creepy, yet graceful at the same time lol.
2016-12-04 1:53

Pinx The Sweet
i really really really love the coloring
its a fantastic combo !
i wish i could color like that XD
2016-12-04 3:21

Fashion Guru
Yass finally!
I love this look on your druid a lot! You made some very interesting and awesome choices for example using the fairy wings in combination with the Ember Bay- skins! It's unusual but fits perfectly and matches your theme in a great way!
I really adore the colourscheme. The brown tones are very close to nature while the soft blue colour really adds up to the fairy like vibe.
Your screens are- as always- soooo damn pretty I really love the sparkly ones and especially those where you used the druid's glyphs :3 Such a great look deserves all the Gold! x3
2016-12-04 7:12

Thank you guys and gals for the great comments!
It was great reading some comments under a new look after so much time :D
I love you all ^,^
2016-12-04 7:59

Aw she looks lovely! :>
I really love the dyes, it's nice to see that refreshing blue beside those natural earthy dyes.
There's somthing bugging me with those gauntlets.. they don't fit 100% imo, maybe too heavy, but they don't stand out that much that I wouldn't rate this outfit any worse than gold, because all in all this looks really beautiful ^-^
And the screens are really pretty!!

It's nice to see some new stuff from you :)
2016-12-04 18:52

Screens look amazing! Nice dye combo too. But I agree with many others, the armor combo is a bit scattered. I'm fine with the gloves actually, the shoulders throw it off a bit since they're so spiky and angular while the rest of the armor is more smooth with some curved thorny bits here and there. Still a wonderful look though =D
2016-12-05 0:37

I thought the idea behind this was great! Not your standard generic fairy. love especially the screen taken at night giving her a mysterious vibe. Gold!
2016-12-05 1:43

2016-12-05 9:21

Thank you so much folks :D
I see what you mean with the armor-comb not fitting together 100%.
For the gloves i had the krytan ones as second choice. The bones and sleek appearence looked very nice ... though i liked the black lined pattern as how the gloves are now even better.
For the shoulders ... i thought of the brown scales to look like leafs. Tbh, i just wanted to use the new skin at that point though xD

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!
2016-12-05 9:45

I love this entire look!
2016-12-10 22:32

Glad you like it! TY Kyrstannie :)
2016-12-11 9:05

Waow, just waow! I have been looking for looks where the Dragonscale head piece was used in a way that it made sense! This look is amazing - wish i could give more than gold o.O! Here, have a follow too!!!
2016-12-18 15:49

Oh wow, thank you so much ^,^
Im glad you like my creation and want to follow me :D
2016-12-19 9:52 in reply to BouncingJelloz

Love this look, wow..
2017-01-09 12:27

Thanks Terka :D
2017-01-09 12:35

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
I missed your looks! Someone else who appreciates the dragon headpiece!
2017-01-11 23:44

Fashion Guru
Beautiful mix of soft blues and browns, she's very pretty!
2017-01-12 3:32

Uhhh thank you guys ^,^
So glad you like it!
2017-01-12 8:54

Fashion Guru
I'm really stunned by this one. It reminds me of the dried up desert, with mystical waters swirling around the body. It just contrasts so beautifully.
2017-01-27 18:47

Thanks a lot!
The dry of the ddesert is what i had in mind with this look! And the mystical part was bound to bring back life into it, like some sort of dryad.
Glad you appreciate it :D
2017-01-27 22:18 in reply to Chiorydax

Fashion Guru
...nice druid & very good screens!
2018-11-23 9:20