Bloodstone Revenant

By TheRomanDJ on November 29th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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This is my first upload and also the first time I've tried to make a look on my own. Its meant to fit with the Bloodstone staff. Hope you guys like it.


It does look nice, but i fear its not too exciting.
Imo the leg-piece doesnt fit the rest of the style. It has these sharp and pointy ornaments and a rugged appearence, while the other pieces you chose have a rather clean and precious style.
Also, a third colour might bring in some highlights.
Last but not least:
The presentation matters!!!!! You should provide much more screens from nice locations with nice poses and a good camera-work. Try to find nice views, position yourself infront of them and do some posing. Wait for the idle animations or use some weaponskills to achieve epic postures :)
For the camera, you can play around with the options in the settings.

To sum it up: the style looks good, but a bit boring. And your presentation is a bit lackluster!!!
2016-11-29 8:06

Yea, thats fair enough and I agree that the legs don't really fit with the rest and that their should be a third color (Don't really know what would go well with it though). And if I do continue post my looks i will definitely try to do better with the presentation. Not really an excuse but I was really tired when I finally posted it that I just wanted to get it out before I changed my mind. Thanks for the feedback.
2016-11-29 9:23 in reply to Hylek