Duty-bound Sylvari

By Wyntta on November 27th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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This is my very first character and uploaded look. I've been tweaking her current armour for ages, and I figure it's probably time to post. I like the drama of the druid shoulders, but it sure is hard to dye. I also wouldn't mind looking at some headgear, as I haven't found any I really like on her yet.

From the moment Serevari first opened her eyes, it seemed like the world was a paradise, waiting to be explored and filled with laughter.
Ronan's tablet warned that all things have a right to live, and Serevari lived by these words.

But since then things have changed. Now if the occasional weed is crushed under her boot, so be it. That is the price it pays for getting in her way.

Her comrades lie dead or worse.
Her loyal fern hound is lost forever to the Maguuma jungle.
The Pale Mother sleeps, balancing on some tumultuous line between life and death.

And Serevari? She fights, because that is all one can do in a world as violent as this one.


I love the presentation! Amazing and beautiful. Scenic and serene. Gold!
2016-11-27 3:12

I really like this look!
It reminds me of my very first look of my ranger, long before i started posting on this site :D
So the colours definitely hit my taste. Dark and mysterious, without erasing all details.
Your screens are so good! I love the one where you play the lute with the hylek! Looks so funny ^^
Overall this is an amazing first upload!
Im looking forward to see more of you, have a Gold for now ;D
2016-11-27 8:43

Thanks for the comment Eremite, I spend so much time when i'm out in Tyria just drooling over the scenery, and i guess it shows :p
2016-11-27 15:12 in reply to Eremite

Thanks Hylek! I've seen a few of your looks around the site and enjoy them greatly too :)
2016-11-27 15:20 in reply to Hylek

Solid color scheme. I really dig it =) The hair and the skin tone are a well-done contrast here with the rest of the armor, matches the mordrem color scheme nicely.
2016-12-01 18:00

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