Aerlac the Wind Channeler

By Lanaya Mirrorblade on November 24th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
3 6
0 0
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A Sylvari who was once the greatest disciple of the Aspect Master of Wind, Aerlac spent many nights trying to forget the destruction wrought by his own race and the revelation that he, and all Sylvari were ordained to be servants of the now dead elder dragon Mordremoth. Now he roams Tyria, meditating near places where the elemental forces of the world are strongest in an perhaps vain effort to find peace and understanding of his purpose.

I initially wanted this character to be storm-oriented what with the storm-bow and all but I think wind fits a little better. I'm not sure if Tempest weapons are worth it and to be honest I'm still not happy with the scarf but hiding it looks even worse. This is my first real entry(the last one was on an old laptop and wasn't really a real effort). All screenies(except one character select screen taken with GemFX, honestly I need to reduce bloom on it when taking these pics xD).


Firstly, thanks for your comments on one of my designs!
Secondly, I didn't come here because you commented on my design. I was already totally going to come in to vote when I saw your main screen on the home page. It was captivating and filled with a sense of mysterious powerful element that exuded the feeling of a top master combatant! Great story that fits the sense that the design and screens were exuding. Truly a top master. Full marks Gold!
2016-11-24 7:27