Black Golden Underground Angel

By Sour on November 23rd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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3 1
2 0
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This one is my first correct look on Guild Wars 2. If you have some suggestions or want to give some feedback, please write it down ^_^!


Oooo I like this. The color scheme is nice, personally I would not use that headpiece I would use the Wreath of Cooperation headpiece. Other than that I think it looks good.
2016-11-23 21:04

Some things to try:

- Figure out the armor and dye specification tool (though to be fair that's easier said than done)
- Turn off your interface (Ctrl Shift H)
- Take a whole bunch of interface-free pictures in locations that you think fit your character (your action shots are looking good already, now let's see them somewhere else besides the Black Citadel!)

In contrast to what Elisabeta said, I really like the Carapace crown. I'd go off of that and rework much of the armor combo, because really, how does that top-coat-thing even stay together and not pull a Janet Jackson? :P (...I've never really liked that thing.) Here's a look featuring the crown that might inspire you:
2016-11-24 1:25

Thank you very much, i will try some other combos without that "top-coat-thing" :D I really love the Carapace clown too & and it looks stylish on your build ^_^
2016-11-24 5:09 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Guru
Well you are slowly getting there. You started to combine some different armour pieces and that's a plus.
However you managed also to slip into the abyss of skimpy female human meta and unfortunately I terribly dislike these kind of light armour combos. It's very naked and not too interesting looking imo and I am sorry if it sounds mean or anything it's just that I've seen may too many looks that are quite similiar to yours.

My suggestions would be: leave the boots, leave the skirt and stick with the headpiece and the shoulders!
Try some other chest- and legpiece combos, I know that it's not always easy to find something interesting on a human light armour character und I am sure that you would be able to find something that would look way better on your character I am pretty sure about it!

I see that you are adding up the armour pieces and the dyes and from what I see it seems like you worked with maybe black and a sand- like tone maybe mythril? Try to add up a third dye, black might be a nice colour but it would look even nicer if you would spice your colourscheme a little bit more up to create something a little bit more interesting looking.

Also, if you decide to re- work your look and you want to upload it, take some more diverse and pretty screens, play around with the camera options and you will be amazed how fun this could be!

I hope you didn't take my criticism as too harsh if you totally disagree with what I wrote that's totally alright but I have to keep honest and as fair as possible and I think that you have the ability to create something more interesting for your little human. Just keep at it!
2016-11-24 8:48

Good, but try with more themed weapons (merciless for example).
2016-11-24 16:05

Thank you very much for your feedback, i appreciate it ^_^. I thought about to use profane pants instead of my current skirt but still exprementing a bit with my chest armor and boots atm.

Preview for the dyes and armor pieces are now added :)
2016-11-24 17:04 in reply to AnaChronism