The Dragon Watcher

By Nickolas on November 22nd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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"There is no mightier creature than the dragon. As a follower of Glint's legacy, and wielder of her Flameseeker Prophecies, he chose to adopt the iconography of a dragon. After spending enough time learning with the Zephyrites, he became able to summon crystalline wings, drawing upon the reminiscent power of Glint stored within the Flameseeker Prophecies.

After the recent events surrounding the Sylvari, he took it upon himself to spread a word of peace and hope, preaching, mostly through actions, of a world where the power of the Dragons can be a force for good."

I had been working on this set for a few days, and with the newest update, the Dragon Wings came. I thought about trying to make the set match the wings, but it ended up looking too... feminine? At least for me.

Anyway, I kept the set color matching the weapons. The things I like the most about this one: the gloves, boots and shoulders resembling claws; being able to use the Horns of the Dragon, after so much time; and managing to fit the Twilight Arbor chestpiece in a heavy armor set without looking weird!

Hope you guys enjoy it. :)

(I'll add the Crystalline Dragon wings as soon as it's available here)

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Fashion Collector
This is absolutely fantastic. I've been pondering how to make that helm look half decent for a while now, and you pulled it off spectacularly.

The armor choice is superb. The Flame Legion and Grasping Dead pieces both manage to look scaled and feature claws. The shoulders and chest feature similar emphasis on curves and arcs, so they are complimented by and compliment the gloves and boots nicely. The leggings continue the scale and fang stylization, leading to a whole look when the helm is brought into the mix.

I like the use of golds, though it does look as though the top is brighter than the leggings, creating a bit of an uneven look. Sylvari type armor does tend to display colors more vibrantly than metal, so that along with the use of Pyre may well be to blame. I get that the blues are intended to match the shield, but to me they look disjointed and glaring.

The screenshots are amazing. Special mention goes to your header pic, your sixth, seventh, eighth and last pictures.
2016-11-23 9:35

Thank you for your comment! I'll be investigating some other blue dyes to see if I can make it look more natural. :)
2016-11-23 10:18

Lanaya Mirrorblade
Looks freaking great, the dyes are slightly odd but I think they're the best you can do with the gold theme and flameseeker prophecies. I especially love the picture of you flying in Dry Top? Looks like a screenshot on box art of adventure games! Looks very much like the Dark Souls 2 dragon form too at least to me. Damn, nice job
2016-11-24 0:26

I really like this entire set and I was searching for a look for my guardian, my only problem with it would prob be the dyes but those can be changed really easy.
2016-11-28 10:11