By zoodlepoo on November 21st, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
Vote Breakdown
4 10
6 0
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Poppyseed Caraway, a dragon minion who has embraced her nature for the good of the world.


Princess Tamina
wow it really looks so cool!:D , i love the whole concept and it really suits ur appearance with backpack and everything , i hope to see ur weapons too xD
2016-11-22 10:09

Fashion Guru
That face reminds me of Aurene. Immortal weapons would look great with this.
2016-11-22 11:58

Fashion Collector
You did a fantastic job of matching the coloration of your armor to the wings.

Unfortunately, it also clashes with your character's coloration while simultaneously drowning itself out into one iridescent looking blob. I'm not sure what would help with that...more contrast, perhaps?
2016-11-23 9:42

I really love the armour and dyes, however that face made me laugh a bit! Those googly eyes :D
2016-11-23 12:26

Fashion Guru
You really created a nice colourscheme around your armour that matches the wings quite well. In general I like the armour mix you used here. It might not be the most exciting one but you combined some different pieces and it looks good on your character.
I think the only thing I don't really like are the boots. The little daggers on the side are distracting imo and not fitting to the theme. But that's just my oppinion.

What I am missing the most are actually some more screens. I like that you took some neuratl shots so that we are able to observe the colours in a better way but I think you could have taken it a little bit further by taking more and diverse screens than just one in the surrounding area. Try to play with the camera options a bit more, take some action shots and try to find some fitting weapons, as well! Those are some minor details but they would improve your look so much more.
What I would also love to see is a little longer description but that's really a very small detail.
Overall this look is quite nice and with some more screens it would be an easy gold for you
2016-11-23 20:25

I love the dyes and the whole concept, but I'm not sure on the top - having the skin on show seems a bit on given the vibe of the rest of it, and I feel like if she were fully covered it'd look even better (and more dragonscale like!). Otherwise, gorgeous.
2016-11-24 4:59