By Chro on November 20th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Fighting for justice and peace she wanders the lands, always helping the ones in need. Her companions Sif and Goedulf, the wolf dogs, are faithful comrades who will follow her everywhere and fight with her until the end.

Queen Jenna appreciates her bravery and selflessness and so she enjoys the trust of all of Kryta’s soldiers and generals. But not only because of that is she granted the privilege to make decisions that are not less important than those of a general. She is known throughout the whole of Kryta, respected for all the good deeds she has done and not less for her tactically wise decisions.


Hey there o/

This time I want to present to you the new outfit of my dear ranger.

After seeing some really nice outfits with the 'Triumphant Brigandine' (chest piece) I also wanted to create a new look around it. And then I thought to myself “why not make it look like a heavy armor set? Would be awesome if it works!” so here I am with the finished product.
I really hope this somewhat got near to what I wanted to achieve :D I know the chest piece is made of leather but I tried to make it look like metal by giving it a grayish color (though it doesn’t work very well.. T.T). For the other parts I chose something with metal of course and what looked best in combination with each other. The shoulders look a tad outsized but I am content with them because they really look heavy and like something a guardian would choose. And guess what – I didn’t decide upon the leggings because of their skimpiness! :D This outfit would also look good with some slim leather pants, but fortunately the bladed leggings offer some nice metal parts.
I wanted to use a more muted golden hue but decided to match it with the longbow. This way it fits best with all of the weapons imo.

And eh.. sorry for the usage of legendary weapons! I do not mean to simply show them off, I really think they fit in here and I’ve been using them for a while on my ranger now. Those are my favorite ones because I love every motif that deals with the concept of the galaxy/ sky.

Thanks for reading!


Fashion Guru
I thought it was a heavy-armor look from seeing the thumbnail, so I'd say you achieved that goal quite well. I'm absolutely loving your dyes here and how natural they feel.
I do agree that the shoulders feel a tad too large, yet at the same time they still fit the look.
Combined with a great presentation, this is a definite gold from me. Excellent work!
2016-11-20 18:21

Fashion Guru
The cover screenshot left me breathless...well technically until i saw the rest and i had a stroke! a positive one this is.
wow! what an amazing armor combo + dyes and the weapons and pets, i don't know, you made it rock, and yeah the 'Triumphant Brigandine' has been used here and there lately, but i must confess this character of yours is the one i'm picking for my favorite using this chestpiece! Take my gold*
2016-11-20 18:53

This looks so cool :O
She really looks like a knight!!!
I love the colour-scheme you chose here! Very natural and fitting for the theme.
And the presentation is top quality!
Definitely a Gold look :)
2016-11-20 19:46

this is really a good looking look !! :)

colors are awesome and also the armor looks pretty cool together! :)

gold for me!
2016-11-21 3:59

Fashion Collector
I love it so much! wowowow
2016-11-21 4:10

Fashion Guru
Very beautiful and elegant look!
I looove the chestpiece it's one of the most beautiful pieces of the Triumphant armour imo and it looks so great on your character.
The combo itself looks very nice you really managed to use some heavy armour like pieces and merged them pretty well together! Colours are amazing, as well. I love this natural and not too flashy vibe :)
Your screens are very beautiful and I love every single one of them. I think your weapons are very fitting, too and your Legendaries are definately not a show- off thing! You earned them and it's perfectly fine to use them for this look since they are as elegant and pretty as your character is and they are indeed quite fitting :>
So all in all it's Gold from me! x3
2016-11-21 7:33

This looks really cool, I am not a fan of revealing armor usually but on this it just fits and looks practical while being well protected (apart from the inner side of the legs).
The only thing that looks a bit weird to me is that the belt is under the chestpiece in front view, it just grabbed my attention badly haha
2016-11-21 9:34

Fashion Guru
Everything blends so well; from her hair color down to her boots. She is gorgeous! Gold.
2016-11-21 12:52

I have to say exatly the same that the people above, everything is perfect!

Gold! :D
2016-11-21 13:20

Love the armor comb! Definitely gonna try it out myself once I finish the reward tracks.
2016-11-22 9:33

Thank you guys so much!
Thanks for your nice words. I am glad you like this look as much as I do :)
2016-11-23 6:26

Oh this is just beautiful - the headpiece is a nice touch, and I love how you've used a mini and the pet to give yourself the appearance of multiple dogs. It's a shame about the way the belt sits but there's nothing you can do about that.

The screenshots are delightful, especially the one checking the noticeboard :)
2016-11-24 5:09

This looks pretty damn awesome, nicely done!
2017-01-18 13:01

Thx guys :)
2017-02-05 9:28

Fashion Guru
In the first moment I thought she was a norn :) She looks like a skilled hunter.
I like the soft natural colors you chose and how you managed to make astralaria fit to the whole look - I already found out that it's not so easy.
Your story is brief and to the point, I like that.
And don't be sorry for showing the legendaries.You must have worked hard for them, they look good with the whole theme, so why apologize.
Gold from me too.
2017-04-12 10:56

Thank you very very much :)
2017-04-18 8:11 in reply to Katushka

that astralaria, damn!
2019-01-06 19:54