The Former Hunter

By Serena Rinehart on November 18th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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5 4
4 0
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This look is inspired on a little bit of story for one of my characters so i made the look based upon that.
An hunter searching for the exotic game traveling thru the Shiverpeaks mountains loses her hand when she encounter a tiger, after recovering she seeks vengeance and seeks to find the tiger and kill it.
After a short time she finds the tiger in her den and finally bring it down only to find out that she had a cub, after realizing why the tiger attacked her in the first place she decides to care for the cub and decides to retired as a hunter.
Now she protects the forest and mountains from poachers who seek exotic game.

Corny and kinda base upon the Chunka and Champawat quest but i like it xD

Ps. akm testing some filters so some pics may seems diferent xD.


I like this! There is life a story that i can relate to and well portrayed in your screens and description. Gold!
2016-11-18 19:36

Faceless Wanderer
Save the Tigers! :D
I also like what you did with the dyes, so this is gold for me here =)
2016-11-19 5:18

Fashion Collector
A cute and colourful asura. I like it! :)
2016-11-19 8:08

I would consider changing the boots but otherwise great look!
2016-11-20 12:02