Female Unicron "Cosplay"

By Serena Rinehart on November 17th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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4 3
1 0
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Am a big fan of transformers specially the first gen and the 1986 movie.
This look is base upon the big villain in the movie named Unicron which is a planet size transformer who eats planets.

I wanted to create the a similar look but also wanted to do a gender bender version of it as well xD hope you guys find it entertaining.

PS. Posting some Unicron pics for reference.


wow I'm quite amazed actually. it has the same feel! gold!
2016-11-18 9:44

I remember this show from way back... good times good times. Looks like a hybrid of the old Unicron and TF Prime's Unicron because of the curvy spiky bits on the armor.
2016-11-18 20:52