Scrapper Fairy Princess

By KestrelGirl on November 10th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Elainyn’s personality has been variously described as spunky and sweet at best, and overly risk-taking at worst. So it should come as no surprise that she is one of the relatively rare sylvari with a gift for growing and repairing weapons - because she loves testing them out. Forget about turrets, blades, and blunt force weapons; she’s even grown herself a working rifle. Here she is, excited to show off her talents in action!
For almost the entire year I’ve played Guild Wars, I’ve heard others talk about how Engineer is one of the toughest classes to play. But then I decided to go and try one. I was nervous because I had had a lot of trouble with Mesmer, the other high-difficulty class. (I’ve deleted at least two of those.) But to my very pleasant surprise, Engineer is tons of fun, and I’ve certainly fallen in love with this one!

- Credits to the GW2 blogger on Tumblr who created the model for Elainyn. Sadly, I never got their URL, as it was very, very far into the search through the sylvari tag. (Around when her hairstyle was released, iirc. Don’t try. But if you do, look for a sylvari that looks very much like Elainyn and is wearing the Verdant Executor outfit.)
- Also, credits to others who successfully made something out of this color scheme and/or weapon set:
- Elainyn is a name I created - it *should* mean “little fawn” in Welsh. I thought it would be appropriate because of her skin pattern.

All pics except the cover pic (unmodified) taken on my brother's computer with MasterEffect shader "oh shiny." (Not gonna be that way for long though, ordering new PC soonish!) In-game locations: around the Grove, Caledon Forest, and Brisban Wildlands.

Updated 5/20/17 with some more pics.

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Fashion Guru
Wow, you matched the dyes very well with the glittering weapons and back! I really like it.

The armor choice is very nicely done, although I'm not a fan of (almost) only using racial armor it looks really cool.
I honestly don't know how to rate this for originality, I see so many sylvari with cultural armor and nice dye combos, it doesn't surprise me to see more of them once again. However since you made everything fit and this is probably the only time I will ever see a glittering hammer used... I'll just rate it up(?)

Your screenshots are on spot beautiful! I got addicted to the arrow that displays the next screenshot, I think I at least looked through the whole gallery 5 times xD

Your description gives information about thoughts and background, which I really like!

I understand that part with mesmer being hard... but engi? O_o

Gold from me :D
2016-11-11 4:33

Wow! The colours are absolutely gorgeous :o
Ok its "just" a cultural sylvari outfit, but the colour-concept really makes up for it!
You matched the backpiece perfectly and the glittering weapons fit spot on :D
To top it off, you made some really pretty screens!
The colours just look stunningly vibrnat with your graphic settings!
Gold from me :)
2016-11-11 6:56

Elessar Taralom
I think you really improved on the screens with this one, nicely done!
The textures of the armour pieces are really well chosen, even if it is "just" Sylvari cultural armour I still think you chose some of the rarely used pieces
Dyes are what really stands out on this look, they go perfectly with the backpiece and the weapons ^^
I still have a Glittering outfit on the same character you linked (thanks for the mention btw :) ), even though she looks a bit different by now, and I still think that the whole colour concept is one of the coolest for Sylvari over all
This might be your best look yet! Gold all the way ^^
2016-11-11 7:46

I personally dislike female sylvari looks in general but now and again, some designs here astound me. And this is one of them! Gold!
2016-11-11 8:40

Omg... thank you all so, so much!! :D
Hylek - gotta love MasterEffect ;) This particular shader is just so colorful and sharp!
Elessar/Blackkarmy - As you both know, I love using armor pieces and combinations nobody/almost nobody here has used before. So when I found this one in the preview window, I was like, "why has nobody used this armor combination if it doesn't clip at all?!"
2016-11-11 12:49

I love the colors and the contrast. Very beautiful sylvari! Gold :)
2016-11-11 14:26

Fashion Guru
Great choice of dyes. She is gorgeous. Also nice choice of skin color to tie in the dark hues in the weapons. Gold.
2016-11-12 1:07

Such beautiful colors, I LOVE them!! So vibrant.. she really stands out. And the weapons are a perfect match for her!
Also I do not often see that backpiece used correctly, but it fits perfectly into this look.
Very lovely :)
2016-12-04 19:19

Oh, thank you! :)
2016-12-04 21:21 in reply to Chro

Cool how you were able to replicate a classical engineer armor look using plants. Looks rugged, practical, yet also planty. Great armor look!
2017-01-15 10:30