The Brander

By uropygid on November 10th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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1 6
2 0
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- Rattle Etchbone -

If you want a cool new scar, a shiny new nose ring or a rockin' chrome accessory for your horns, Rattle's your gal. She's skilled with all sorts of body modification, including scarification, horn mods, fang caps, and all manner of piercings.
While she's a competent enough fighter, Rattle never quite had the taste for battle herself, and learned the skills of a field medic early on.

Her left horn was broken in a skirmish when she was hardly more than a cub. She retrieved the part that was snapped off, but the damage was done. Always an artistic one, she fashioned a metal sleeve to reattach her horn tip - later on replacing it with a repurposed cog, cutting the other horn to match. This burgeoned into an interest in modifications, and she learned to cut as well as heal - but, you know. In an artistic way.
Her left eye is intact, but she's effectively blind on that side, and has been since birth.


Her look takes inspiration from the Brand and the dragons that patrol it, as well as a clever little joke to herself (the Brand - she brands).


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