Scorched Lands

By NanaItalia on November 9th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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28 4
1 0
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Once my people lived in a large forest on a mountain with big green trees and lush vegetation. We had everything we needed since the forest provided food and a home for us. But then the earth started to shake and the ground we lived on began to break and from the rifts liquid fire appeared and burned the forest. Many of my people died from the flames and for the survivers food was scares. People began to argue and raised war until only few of us were left. Now, I am one of the last wandering the scorched grounds of the once green forest.
Hey guys :)
It's been a while, since I uploaded a look and I was not really active here, too. I'm trying out black desert at the moment, because guild wars feels, like there is nothing fun to do right now. However, I took some screens today of an older look I wanted to share.

Well, hope you like her ;)


This looks amazing!
The armor combinations, colors etc work perfectly together, gold!
2016-11-09 14:58

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2016-11-09 15:20

Elessar Taralom
Reminds me a lot of my own take on that helmet dyewise, me likey
2016-11-09 16:45

This looks so cool. The dyes work together to make a really real looking armor set. It looks like it could have been designed by ANET as a set NPC armor. It's really dope, gold.
2016-11-09 19:51

Fashion Guru
Your dye choices go so very well with your characters skin tone. Gold
2016-11-09 20:04

awesome! I really love armor combo and dyes. gold!
2016-11-10 4:09

Gorgeous look!
The armor-comb looks kinda unique due to the legpiece you chose :D
Your colour concept is absolutely beautiful! Natural, colourful, yet not too vibrant to distract from the overall appearence.
The screens are also very nice :D
Gold ofc!
2016-11-10 6:24

Fashion Guru
Really awesome! I love this headpiece quite a lot and I also used it on my Sylvari warrior in combination with the chespiece so I obviously really like this combo :D
I totally love the leg piece you used and the shoulders are to die for overall everything matches pretty well together and looks simply beautiful.
The colours are really awesome I love this contrast between the red and the blue tones it creates an interesting look :3
Your screens are very beautiful, Ember Bay is just the best place with the best light in game. This deserves a gold!
2016-11-10 12:14

I have one word for this outfit: dayum! Dope as hell :)
2016-11-10 12:55

I really like the armor combination, it is pretty unique. I like that you used these boots, they are from the sylvari cultural armor but fits pretty well with non-sylvarish armor :)
Cool dyes and very good screenshots.

Good job as always!! :D

2016-11-10 18:46

Color combo plus background choices are AMAZING. That enameled red along with the other colors is sooo appealing to my eyes.
2016-11-11 1:24

Fashion Guru
This is incredibly unique and surprisingly elegant for heavy armor. Like, I would never think those dyes would work so well together, but here you are.
2017-01-27 18:42