Mad Science Veggie

By healyunit on November 6th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: White
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1 4
1 0
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Just a look based around the leather coat and gas mask. Works pretty nicely on other gender/race combos too, but mine happens to be Sylvari. Yes, I'm an engineer.


Elessar Taralom
The overall look is actually pretty classy, especially head, shoulders and coat go together really well and make for an unexciting, but lore true look
Together with the backpiece it is quite thematic and definitely goes well with an engineer
Though the dyes aren´t too exciting it´s okay to see smth not too flashy from time to time and you did combine different hues
What really still needs a lot of improvement however is the presentation; there are two sliders for screens and description that I cannot possibly rate favourably the way you presented your look
As you seem to be quite new to uploading it is understandable if the first looks aren´t super on par, but if you do want some nice ratings (and actually, general attention for your look) it is sufficient to put a little more love into presentation
Screens should ideally include a screen from the character login screen so we can see your character best; the other screens should be used to get creative! Use different locations, poses and camera settings to make the most of your character, it deserves it ^^
If you decide to work a little on your presentation I will gladly give you a nice vote as right now I could only give you bronze and I think you deserve a better rating
2016-11-07 5:17

Lanaya Mirrorblade
Sadly not everyone has a strong computer but even turning it up temporarily to take screenshots is great and recommended. I agree with Taralom though I think the dyes are pretty washed out.
2016-11-24 0:43

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